Al's biography.

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Name. Alun Westoll.

Band nickname. Welshboy, Tidy Boy.

Date of birth. 26 March 1970.

Place of birth. Isleworth, (not Wales!).

Home town. Feltham, (don't tell anyone!).

What instruments you play. (Semi) proficient on the drums & kazoo, not so much on the guitar & harmonica!.

Musical influences. The Beatles of course!

Favourite band or song of the moment. Air Traffic or the new Crowded House album.

Favourite Phantom cover. Let Me Entertain You, Girls & Boys.

Favourite colour. Brown.

Favourite food/drink. Baked Beans and a nice cup of tea.

Phantoms highpoint(s). The whole of the Battle of the Bands weekend in North Wales, September 02 | the Grey Horse, September 05 | Cumbria weekend, July 07.

Phantoms lowpoint. Freddie Mercury style crowd participation at one of our early gigs.

First gig. Nik Kershaw (supported by TíPau) at the Town & Country Club, early 86!

Best ever gig(s). Huey Lewis (supported by Bruce Hornsby) at Hammersmith Odeon, 1986 | Jellyfish at the London Astoria, 1993 | Crowded House (front row!) at Hammersmith Odeon, 1991 | Elbow (supported by Long View) at the Cambridge Junction, 28/9/03.

Gig I wish Iíd been to. Talk Talk at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1986 (at least Iíve got the album!)

First Album I ever bought: Queens Greatest Hits (on cassette!)

First Album I remember owning: The Wombles!