Bri's biography.

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Name. Brian John Spencer.

Band nickname. Dr B.

Date of birth. 7 October 1961.

Place of birth. Upper Halliford, Middx.

Home town. Feltham (Well, just in Hanworth actually!), Middx.

What instruments you play. Guitar, Bass.

Musical influences. The Lilac Time / Catherine Wheel / Neil Young / Punk / Indie / Glacial Icelandic Nu-Gazing type stuff.

Favourite band or song of the moment. Dan Mangan - "Journal of A Narcoleptic". Bat For Lashes - "What's A Girl To Do?". Anything by Nine Black Alps!!!

Favourite Phantom cover. I despise them all equally!

Favourite colour. Black / Green.

Favourite food/drink. Thai / Curry / Carling Cold / Slivowitz / Becherova / Vodka.

Phantoms highpoint(s). (Almost) every Grey Horse gig. The Lakeside Monkey Wedding. Meeting a Canadian.

Phantoms lowpoint. Playing Grey Horse gig with carbon monoxide poisoning. "Musical Differences".