Jason's biography.

Portrait of Phantom Jase by Alban Low

Name. Jason Biggs.

Band nickname. 'Bigg Man' or 'Biggsy', but mostly just Jase.

Date of birth. 26 April 1980.

Place of birth. Isleworth.

Home town. Feltham.

What instruments you play. Guitar. I love playing both electric and acoustic guitars. Mostly through big Marshall amplifiers.

Musical influences. I grew up listening to folk and acoustic roots music. At school I was always a fan of Oasis rather than Blur. I also enjoyed listening to The Who. Loudly.

Favourite band or song of the moment. The Who.

Favourite Phantom cover. Mr Brightside by the Killers.

Favourite colour. Green.

Favourite food/drink. I do like a good bit of fish and chips. I enjoy the occasional single malt whisky.

Phantoms highpoint(s). Mine and Kev’s Dads meeting at a Phantom gig and realising they used to be in a band together in the 1960s.

Phantoms lowpoint. 1) Loosing friend, mentor and colleague Brian Spencer from the original band line up. I don’t think Brian ever knew how much of an influence he had on my life. I had never performed live before he persuaded me that I was good enough to do so. 2) Being coerced into playing YMCA at the Half Moon in Putney.

First gig. The Three Tennors at Hyde Park. I was probably only 10 years old.

(My own) First gig.
2003 as a solo support act for the Phantoms, Fighting Cocks Pub, Kingston.

Best ever gig(s). Seeing The Who playing live at the arena in Belfast. Watching them perform Love, Reign O’er Me (1973) was simply jaw dropping. Seeing my favourite roots band Show of Hands performing at Wickham festival with 5000 people singing along at the top of their voices from the first bar to the last. An unforgettable night of live music.   

(My own) Best ever gig(s). 1) Singing “Wish You Were Here” in front of 350 people in a Aircraft Hanger at Mount Pleasant Airport, Falkland Islands, 2008 with 'Rockhopper'. 2) Playing “The River” (Springsteen) in a sound check in the front bar of the Grey Horse pub in Kingston. When a local punter put down his newspaper & pint to listen to the track and gave a nod of approval. 3) Playing at a pub in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Gons (Woodcut Process) stopped playing the drums to remove the landlords dog from inside of the kick drum – rock and roll!

Gig I wish I’d been to. The Who, live at Leeds 1970 (well before I was born). Oasis, Knebworth House 1996 & Queen at Live Aid in 1985. All amazing moments in music history.

First Album I ever bought: No idea! Mostly got given 45s & 78s as hand me downs from my Dads mates.

First Album I remember owning: Probably one of those 'Now That's What I Call Music' compilations.

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