Kev's biography.

Portrait of Phantom Kev by Alban Low

Name. Kevin Rogers.

Band nickname. Big Kev.

Date of birth. 29 November 1976.

Place of birth. Kingston (not Jamaica)!

Home town. Twickenham.

What instruments you play. (Semi) proficient on the old Guitar!!

Musical influences. AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Chuck Berry, Hinder, Extreme, Audio Slave, Eric Clapton, plus loads more rocking bands.

Favourite band or song of the moment. AC/DC's  'Black Ice' or any song off the latest Hinder album!

Favourite Phantom cover. Loving Teenage Kicks!

Favourite colour. Blue or Black, maybe a hint of red!

Favourite food/drink. Chinese (canít beat the old A5 from the menu) although a good Chicken Balti hits the spot too, with a nice pint of Lager.

Phantoms highpoint(s). Playing at the Halfmoon in Putney in 2019!!

Phantoms lowpoint. Yet to have one!

First gig. Kiss in 1990.

(My) First gig. Ruffcut in 2003.

Best ever gig(s). Guns n Roses use your Illusion tour 1991. AC/DC Ball Breaker tour 95 ish. Monsters of Rock Festival 96.

Gig I wish Iíd been to. Spinal Tap 1990 (at least I’ve got the movie!) Although I did manage to see them in 2009 on their one night world tour!! So new band I'd love to see live is Motely Crew which I thought wouldn't happen as they spilit up and signed a no tour agreement, but recently it's been announced they are reforming and touring!!! So hopefully it's on!!!

First Album I ever bought: Lost Boys sound track and Metallica Justice for all (on cassette!)

First Album I remember owning: The Wombles! I had that one too! hahaha!

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