Jon's biography.

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Name. Jonathan Novice.

Band nickname. Nov.

Date of birth. 8 July 1962.

Place of birth. Chiswick, London (same hospital as Phil Collins, but a long time

Home town. Ramsey, Cambridgeshire (but grew up in Isleworth).

What instruments you play. Keyboard, guitar, percussion, bass guitar, drums, flute.

Musical influences. The Beatles, 10cc, Genesis, The Flower Kings, Steely Dan, Crowded House, Tchaikovsky.

Favourite band or song of the moment. The Flower Kings, Show of Hands.

Favourite ever concert. Genesis at The Lyceum Ballroom, London in 1980.

Favourite Phantom cover. All These Things That I've Done, Chelsea Dagger, I Fought The Law, Let Me Entertain You, Suffragette City, Monster.

Favourite colour. Blue.

Favourite food/drink. Roast Dinner (especially Lamb or Chicken), Curry, Chinese, Fish & Chips, Cheese and Biscuits,  Real Ale, Red Wine, Port, Milk.

Phantoms highpoint(s). The Grey Horse - Sept 05, RSA Wedding - February 07

Phantoms lowpoint. The Fighting Cocks blowing us out in 2005, Grey Horse - February 2006.