Roadie #2's biography.

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Name. Steven Lee Colton.

Band nickname. None that I'm aware of!

Date of birth. 9 January 1973.

Place of birth. Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Home town. Whitton, Middlesex.

What instruments you play. The flute at school!!

Musical influences. Al Westoll (if he can be in a band, anyone can!!)

Favourite band or song of the moment. Juliana Hatfield.

Favourite Phantom cover. All These Things That I've Done.

Favourite colour. Red and white hoops.

Favourite food/drink. Mexican/Lager/Mexican lager.

Phantoms highpoint(s). A day's SPL to 'carry' things at Loughborough!

Phantoms lowpoint. Not being able to go to Brampton for another day's SPL to 'carry' things!