Jools, t-shirt & cardboard friend!  

Entry #33.
Here's super Jools (& Phant t-shirt) supposedly pictured with racing driver Fernando Alonso
at the Renault show room in Paris. The judges at Phantom central think this looks
more like Jools posing next to his cardboard friend in his bedroom! Disqualified! Loser!

Wembley's mind blowing! 

Entry #34.
Now it's
Al's turn to be disqualified! Here he is, pictured (with Phant t-shirt)
whilst his head explodes with excitement at the new Wembley Stadium.
You can't enter your own competition, idiot!

Al & t-shirt up Jebel Shams.  Al & t-shirt meet the locals!

Entry #35.
It's the Phantoms drummer (& t-shirt) on his travels again. This time pictured in Oman, 3601 miles
from Phantom central up the highest mountain in the country and encountering
one of the locals! Unfortunately yet another invalid entry! Come on the rest of you!

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