Wayne entry #4

Entry #7.
In this hotly contested competition, Wayne edges into the lead with this, his latest entry.
Pictured here (with obligatory Phant t-shirt) in front of Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (nice frock Bully!).
Come on Jools. you've got some catching up to do!

Nuts entry #1

Entry #8.
Here comes our man in America sneaking up the rear! Here's Dave (who has now found
his Phant shirt!) standing on a 'Vortex', which is apparently an energy line (hippy nonsense!)
in Sedona, Arizona, USA! Nice work Nuts.

Nuts entry #2

Entry #9.
Here's Dave again (in his brilliant new Phantom t-shirt) posing in a marquee in Cambridge!
We all know that Cambridge is only 77 miles from Feltham but Dave insists this picture should count as
he was apparently 4256 miles from his home in Huntsville, Alabama, USA at the time! OK, good point!

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