The One(s) That Got Away!

Cancelled gig #1. Isle of Wight, 20/21.02.04

The threat of being publicly humiliated by the brilliance of The Phantoms at the CSSC Battle of the Bands proved too much for all the other entrants and the event was called off at the last minute following the withdrawal from the competition of all opposition. Our hopes that the CSSC would award us with the trophy anyway for being the only band left standing proved unfounded!
Original gig poster below.

Cancelled gig #2. The Hand & Spear, 20.02.04

To alleviate the disappointment for all the 'Phans' who were looking forward to seeing the band at the IOW, the Phantoms rehashed the above poster & got a gig at a local(ish) pub for the same date. But it turned out we were destined never to play that weekend after all! The rescheduled gig was also postponed at the 11th hour after the pub had a surprise visit form the Environmental Health Agency who revoked their music licence due to sound proofing problems. We tried to convince everyone that the real reason for the cancellation was due to safety reasons as they were expecting too many punters but nobody fell for that! Sorry to those of you that ended up going to the pub for no reason but you probably got to leer at some young students so it wasn't a complete waste of time!! The gig was finally played on Saturday 24th April 04 which turned out to be Helens last appearance with the band.

Cancelled gig #3. The Fighting Cocks, 4.06.05

Just for a change, this one was was our fault! The bands 4th appearance at the Fighting Cocks was supposed to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Phantoms first appearing on the 'live' scene back in the June of 2000! But I'm sorry to say that due to the illness of one of the band, this never happened! Below was the poster from this 'ill'fated gig.

Cancelled gig #4. The Fighting Cocks, 26.11.05

Due to a gross administrative error, the Phantoms 4th appearance at the Fighting Cocks was again cancelled! Apparently the pub had double booked that night and gave our date away to a band called 'Papas in Love'! This was a real shame as resident photographer Paul Baden and top artist Al had put so much effort into the poster (below)! As a result, after being shunned by the Fighting Cocks, the band decided to pledge their allegiance to 'arch rivals' the Grey Horse. So you will now be able to catch the Phantoms at this far superior venue instead in 2006. Let's hope these dates aren't cancelled!

Cancelled gig #5. The Alleycat Club, 18.4.13

Our first missed gig in over 7 years! And once again, through no fault of our own.
Read the sorry tale here of why the band never got to play at this historic venue!

Cancelled gig #6. The General Roy, 30.7.16

Denied playing at our nearest pub after a 3 year perfect attendance record!, sad story here.