#27. The Fountains Club, Brampton. 2.3.06.

As the Phantoms keyboard player was sick of travelling down to London every time we had a gig, he finally decided to arrange one in his neck of the woods for a change! The 'simple country folk' were duly warned and London (ph)lash was on it's way! Eventually... as
the magic bus wouldn’t start (perhaps it didn’t want to leave Feltham) but with a little help from the RAC, the band finally set off on the weary road up t'North! And so to the show. Tractors were parked & a mixed crowd of Fountains Club regulars, Civil Servants and Jon’s colleagues and local friends were eventually let in after surrendering their shotguns at the gate! Support act Roger Henderson took to the stage and immediately impressed with his dextrous guitar playing and fine voice (with our personal fav being his great rendition of the Muppet Show theme!). Under the impressive light show the Phantoms then kicked off their first set with “Heroes” which immediately drew people onto the dance floor. It’s fair to say that the band played faultlessly through the first set and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. Plenty of carrots were munched on during the interval before the band upped the energy levels for the second set. More and more people were then lured to the dance floor for our guaranteed crowd-pleasers such as “I Predict A Riot” and “Common People” and the new songs "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" & "I Fought the Law" both went down a (barn)storm! All in all, a good performance was enjoyed by a very appreciative audience. The only downer of the evening being the evasive action required to avoid the 'puddle of piss' every time you paid a visit to the toilet! Special mention must go to Geoff Pedersen who spent the entire performance enticing a number of very pleasant looking young ladies onto the dance floor. Most pleasing. All the Phantoms then went on to enjoy the Fountains Club facilities late into the night (cheap booze and an 'interesting' disco!) before retiring to the Mess for a well-earned nights’ sleep. The following morning, a few brave souls made it across to the Mess for a cooked breakfast but most of the band obviously couldn’t take the pace! Then, with the aid of the Motor Pool staff (!!) we got the Magic Bus started and headed back to The Fountains Club to pack the gear away. This was done yet again without the assistance of our enigmatic bass player who had disappeared earlier that morning to go and get his eyes lasered (he appears to be in the middle of a major mid life crisis make-over at present)! The final item on the agenda was the irresistible photo opportunity next to the aircraft at the gates of RAF Brampton on our way out (which of course happens to be a Phantom)! What a great name for a band.

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals), Paul Castle (bass & vocals), Simon White (guitar), Brian Spencer (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (keyboards & VOCALS!), Alun Westoll (drums & vocals), Paul Baden (Roadie #1) and Richard Lomas (Roadie #2).
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