#33. Private Party, Queen Mary Reservoir, Ashford. 21.7.07.

Queen Mary Reservior, Ashford

The never before heard live, slimmed down 5 piece Phantom line up (including Simon on vocals - wow!), provided the evenings entertainment at 50th birthday party of long term Phantom Phan Tina. The majority of the party goers steered clear of the dance floor during the first set, probably deterred either by the advances of the Phantoms youngest new Phan (the lovely 2 year old Millie Bates), the threat of getting involved in a balloon fight with a menacing looking gang of spiky haired youths or the fact that the buffet food arrived just prior to the band taking to the stage! As it turned out this was very poor timing as by the time the first set was over, all that was left for the hungry entertainers was the vegetarian quiche no-one else fancied the look of – cue trip to kebab house on way home! I digress… The second set was a different story with a packed dance floor ‘bouncing’ to the sound of the Phantoms (the bar had obviously worked its magic on the assembled throng!). Highlights of the closing set being the fantastic guest vocal appearance from Tony (ex-Phantom van driver & husband of the birthday girl) during the Beatles ‘Back in the USSR’ (after we managed to coax him out of the toilet – must have been nerves!) and the fantastic crowd participation during ‘I Predict a Riot’ (probably as a result of our lead singer running out of puff and needing a hand with the lead vocals!) A good time (and popcorn!) was had by all. Happy birthday Tina!

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals), Paul Castle (bass & vocals), Simon White (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (keyboards, guitar & vocals), Alun Westoll (drums & vocals) plus special guest Tony Morley (vocals).
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