#40. The Grey Horse Pub, Kingston. 6.12.08.

Phant Pant gig flyer

115 hardy souls braved the arctic conditions and credit crunch to come and see Fit For Purpose & The Phantoms final gig of 2008 at the Grey Horse in Kingston. After a slow start the Phans began to assemble & ‘FFP’ took to the stage to deliver a phantastic set packed full (a massive 16 songs!) of cutting edge indie magic! Hats off to drummer Gary who battled through the pain with a bad back! Gav - That’s what you get for forming a band with a bunch of pensioners! My personal highlight was a great rendition of Radiohead’s ‘High & Dry’ and the girl stood next to me loved the final Wolfmother track (despite Gavs potty mouth!)


So with the crowd sufficiently warmed up the Phants entered the fray. Unfortunately Brian had called in sick a few days previously so the Phantoms were this time round reduced to a foursome! Last minute line up changes seemingly becoming a nasty habit! Anyway, my recollections of the opening set mainly focus on the trials and tribulations of our guitarists! First Si snapped a string in the middle of ‘Steady As She Goes’ (possibly due to him dropping it during the sound check!) but managed to struggle through. Then with no sign of his guitar technicians (as Gav & the Medium Man¹ were both in the bar having a beer) Si had to resort to the backup guitar. As the next song began he then trod on his guitar lead & unplugged it! Whilst hastily plugging it back in he inadvertently knocked the guitar head against the mic stand instantly detuning it! This then obviously resulted in an interesting rendition of ‘Back in the USSR’! As we don’t have a backup guitar for the backup guitar, Si then strapped on Gav’s axe for the rest of the set. That will teach him to not be around when we need him! Not to be outdone Nov was also later to tread on his own guitar lead causing a bit of a lull in the bassline! Si looked quite pleased about this! So, before any other disasters were to strike (the joys of live music!) the band brought the first set to a hasty end. Three of the Phants went straight to the bar. Si stayed behind to tune up every single guitar he could find!


Thankfully things were to improve in the second set. The Phantoms sucked the crowd back into the room to the sound of ‘Song 2’. FFP’s main man then joined the boys in the limelight for a truly brilliant rendition of the Stereophonics ‘Dakota’ (the best thing of the night according to one Phan). Obviously sounding infinitely better sung with a real Welsh accent (though Brians Kelly Jones impressions in previous rehearsals had been quite amusing!) Thanks again Gav. Tidy! With the Phantoms now in their stride the boys continued to deliver the goods to an ever more vocal crowd who were soon to reach frenzied proportions during ‘I Fought The Law’ , ‘Monster²’, ‘I Predict A Riot’ and especially ‘Chelsea Dagger’. New song ‘Paint It Black’ was also especially well received after an interesting Beatles vs Stones debate with the Phans (definitely more Boo’s for the Stones – Nice!). Before we knew it, and with no further catastrophic technical mishaps the encore came to a close so ending another year of Phantom magic & mayhem.


I would like to finish by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has come along to see us over the last 12 months. For those of you that know us, you are probably aware that it has been a trying year for the band with numerous enforced line up changes and your continued support has been greatly appreciated. We hope normal service will be resumed in 2009!


Incidentally, only one Phan made the most of the free entry if wearing Phant Pants™ offer! Actually not that surprising as there are only 2 ‘official’ pairs in existence! Thankfully no-one decided to biro the Phantoms on their Y-fronts!


¹ Previously known as the ‘Big Man’. Change of name as a result of losing vast amounts of weight on a strict diet of penguins whilst living in the Falkland Islands for the last 6 months.


² “What’s that coming over the hill – is it a Ginger!”

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (keys & lead vocals), Simon White (guitar), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals). With special guest Gavin Jones.
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