#51. The Grey Horse Pub, Kingston. 3.09.11.

Phant Hero

Thanks to all of you that joined the Phantoms for what was initially billed as their 50th ever gig (but turned out to be the 51st!) back at the Grey Horse. After entertainment in the (ph)ront bar from support act Roger Henderson (incidentally Rog, poems are not entertainment!) the Phants took to the stage as the last minute coach load of supporters arrived in the nick of time! A hugely enjoyable gig was to follow with the band spurred on by the intimate Grey Horse crowd. The new songs (Gary Newman’s ‘Cars’ & ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’ by Supergrass) were warmly welcomed and by the time the Phantoms got round to the new fav’s (like Blur’s ‘Parklife’ – nice dance moves Mark!) the phans were tempted out of their chairs & onto the dance floor where they belong. Next up, the 3 unknown enthusiastic locals in da’ house were well impressed following their requested for something by AC/DC when Big Kev immediately started up the riff to ‘Highway To Hell’. Unfortunately we soon had to disappoint them a few bars into the song when it became apparent the rest of us had no idea how it went! (Maybe we’ll learn this for you next time round!) Coincidently, this date sadly marked the 2nd anniversary of the death of the Phantoms guitarist Brian & the boy’s tribute (Angelfield’s ‘All I Know’, written by Bri) was a fitting nod to our old mate. Pleasing. So finally, following the planned encore, with the crowd baying for more (you really want more!?), the Phants were forced back on for an unrehearsed finale! Lucky we could just about remember how to play ‘Monster’! Free entry at our next gig on December 3rd to all of you that came along to this one. Thank you. See the 'See' page for selected video's from this gig!

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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