#56. Private Party, Kingston. 7.07.12.

Nov's 50th birthday!!

7th July 12 saw a gathering of the clans (plus the odd gatecrasher!) to witness the exclusive birthday celebrations of the Phantoms aged bass player. The lucky few (150+!) with their golden ticketís in hand amassed at the Grey Horse in Kingston and were subsequently treated to not just one, but two phantastic bands. On the night the Phants were joined by Novís other yokel band, 10 o'clock Cur(ph)ew, who had braved the trip to the big city for this very special occasion. Once they had found a parking space for their tractor they joined the throng to see the Phantoms get the party started with a bang. An hour of the usual Phantom onslaught followed with the amazingly up for it crowd not just in fine voice but also getting full use from their dancing shoes. So, onto the Phants highlight of the evening. When Nov first had the idea for his birthday gig he asked if the Phantoms would learn a Genesis song especially for him. He was instantly told that hell would freeze over before the Phants ever played a Genesis song! Well, welcome to hell! Unbeknown to Nov, the band had been working on a Genesis cover behind his back (quite easy when he lives in Cambridgeshire!) and so when Nov stepped up to sing the phinal song, it wasnít the one he was expecting! But obviously Jon knew the words! Apologies to the many Genesis phans who were in but Jon seemed to enjoy it! So, after a trip to the bar and a chance to cool off it was soon time to reconvene in the feverish back room for the turn of the Curfew to keep the party hopping. Happy birthday Jon. And yes, the Phantoms really did play ĎLand of Confusioní! But donít expect us to do it again!

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), birthday boy (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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