#8. Feltham Community Centre. 25.10.02.


After triumph in Wales we returned to Feltham to play the 40th party of 3 of our biggest supporters (Julie Clarke, Sue Addison & Lynne Burberry). Sorry girls, I've just given your age away! The girls chose their favourite tunes including two new songs. It would have been three if we had not wasted months rehearsing the wrong version of 'Don't Call Me Baby'! This gig was notable for our ever present sickly singer, Mark, only being able to watch from the sidelines after spending several months in hospital after having an (hammond) 'organ' replacement. This gig also saw the introduction of the Phantoms smart black stage outfits! Yet another gig recorded for posterity.

The Phantoms were: Helen Thrower (lead vocals), Paul Castle (bass & vocals), Simon White (guitar), Brian Spencer (guitar & vocals), Alun Westoll (drums & vocals) & Jon Novice (keyboards).
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