#71. DSRA Sports Day, Bath Uni. 26.6.15.


Back by popular demand… after the Phantoms provided a welcome ray of sunshine at last years DSRA Sports Day, the band were once again offered the opportunity to entertain the athletes at this years DSRA flagship event.
After months of hard training at altitude (Feltham!), and with a load of new songs added to the Phantoms Jukebox list, the band were fighting fit and ready for the starting pistol.
With the choice of songs down to the athletes the band duly set off on their marathon task to perform 3 epic sets of about 45 songs in total over the course of the afternoon to the assembled throng in the athlete’s village at Bath Uni.
Resplendent in our bright yellow DSRA t-shirts (that really attract bugs in the sunny weather – thanks DSRA!) the boys soon worked up a sweat in the unexpected Bath sunshine. With the band in fine form the music lasted long into the afternoon, though sadly the sunshine didn’t! But just like last year, credit to the girls from DMS Whittington who danced the afternoon away, rain or shine. Also thanks to the sports massage team in the adjacent tent who assisted certain band members through the marathon endurance test.
Memorable moments included the crowds great response to 80’s classic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’, our lead guitarist making a break for it mid song during The Who’s ‘My Generation’ (one too many beers I think to blame!) and the Phantoms front man joining the dancing punters out front during the encore of ‘The Time Warp’ (aided by his new radio mic).
Thanks to everyone that chose a song (see setlist), thanks for taking the time to listen to us (not that you get much choice as we are quite loud!) & huge thanks to Joe at DSRA for inviting us to again play and provide the entertainment.
And the good news: we have already been asked back again next year! Hooray! Let’s hope the organisers don’t choose to complete with the Glastonbury Festival again as it’s bound to rain! Start praying for sunshine now!
Oh, and finally, with the DSRA celebrating their 25th anniversary there was talk before the event of celebrity guests! So who was it then that joined the Phantoms on stage? Lady Ga Ga? Kylie? Well, no-one as it turned out! Not even the Chuckle Brothers! Maybe next year!

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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