#83. Feltstock IV Music Festival, Feltham. 9.06.17.


Feltstock IV, The Kings of Feltham… Back at last year’s Feltstock Fest Phantom Al was on crutches and Phantom Mark was pissed! Wonder who will be the casualty this time round?
All started well with The Phantoms managing to string 4 songs together without a pause in a rare moment of professionalism. Especially enjoyed the lead singers introduction “we’ve played songs about love, we’ve played songs about hope, but we’ve never played a song about Vaseline”.
Next up were a load of new songs the boys had been working on over the last few months. ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings of Leon proving an instant classic as well as the long awaited return of ‘Living for the Weekend’, lapped up by the appreciative audience. The Staines Massive were clearly in town.
Thanks to the Phantom’s string section (Dave and Mike from the FU’s) for lending a hand during ‘I’m a Believer’ & Afiyah for an enthusiastic (albeit rather brief) guest appearance on tambourine. She certainly provided something better to look at than the usual array of fat old men on display in the Phantom lineup!
Incidentally, this year’s casualty turned out to be Big Kev who only just got through the gig having suffered a wrist injury during the highly competitive tug of war tournament earlier in the day (although his team did end up winning!). Note. In future, no more tugging before a gig Kev!
The boys then retired to the beer tent to toast a job well done but little did they know their work was not yet over. With the headline band AWOL, to celebrate drunk Phant Phan Tony’s last day at work, an impromptu late night karaoke session broke out with the majority of the Phantoms forming the backing band. So Feltstock 2017 rocked on late into the night.
Next stop, the General Roy beer garden on 22 July.

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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