#105. Mini Feltstock Festival, Feltham. 10.9.21.

Back on the hallowed turf for the first time since the Summer of 2018, a double bill of Op Acoustic & The Phantoms at the ‘mini’ Feltstock Festival. The rain held off & a pleasant afternoon of great music ensued.

First up, Op Acoustic, who’s laid back opening set was brought to an untimely halt when they were asked to stop as the people in the adjacent tent couldn’t hear the historical talk (yawn) that was underway. Thankfully, that was soon over (or all those present nodded off!) so the live music could resume.

With the reunion crowd milling around outside, Op Acoustic had the unenviable task of attempting to suck the punters back into the music tent, and over the course of the afternoon, that’s exactly what they did. The crowd grew and by the close the watching mob were finally on their feet, mainly thanks to the efforts of good friend of the band, Craig, who also lent a hand on tambourine whilst simultaneously setting the standard on the dancefloor.

So after a quick change of t-shirt for the days drummer and with the throng well & truly warmed up, it was the turn of the Phantoms, who carried on where OP/AC had left off. Although it was a slightly different looking Phantoms on this occasion, in a number of ways. Firstly due to the late afternoon slot, the Phantoms were in semi-acoustic mode (rather than their usual full on electric onslaught), and secondly, it was also a slimmed down (excuse the pun) line-up due to the unavailability on this occasion of Big Kev on guitar.

As the late afternoon/evening progressed the boys were joined by a string of impromptu guests as the hit covers were delivered thick and fast. First up was previous collaborators Kaz & Ann lending a double percussive hand during Blur’s ‘Country House’. Then it was the turn of Acoustic Graham on backing vocals to chip in on ‘Lola’ by the Kinks. And then as the evening was coming to a close the opening bars of Sweet Caroline unsurprisingly drew our mate Martin to the stage like a moth to a flame!

So with the old school hits finally working their magic & the dancefloor (by which I mean patch of grass in front of the stage) packed, The Phantoms unleashed their newest cover, ‘Waterloo’ by ABBA which went down a storm. Can’t believe it took us 20 years to get round to playing this!

So, with the set list complete, and the expectant horde demanding more, the Phantoms duly served up an unplanned encore of another ABBA classic followed by the disco standard ‘YMCA’. A pleasing close to a great afternoon of live music.


The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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