#59. Bye Bye Brampton Party, Fountains Club, Brampton. 29.03.13.

Phantoms fly!


It was way back in Phantom history (March 2006 to be exact) when the band last made the voyage up North to satisfy the Cambridgeshire branch of the Phants Phan Club. 8 years later the closing of RAF Brampton & the final gig ever to be held in the Fountains Club was the grand occasion to lure the band back on the long journey up the A1(M). The Phantoms were booked alongside Treble Damage to bring the ‘Easter Street Party’ to a close. The unseasonal spring weather (yet more snow!) brought an early halt to the afternoon’s planned outdoor festivities. A huge shame for the Phantoms singer who had rushed the 80 odd miles on the promise of free ice cream which subsequently didn’t materialize. Apparently the reality of free quiche was not quite as enticing! Also our guitarist getting instantly poisoned by what appeared to be a hot dog was similarly not a great start! I digress! So, after the bands had set up and had the usual battle with equipment & feedback, the Phantoms started the night to what appeared at first glance to be an audience of tiny children and a dog! By the way, when I say ‘dog’, I mean the four legged variety. With the axe looming, the venue appeared to have already sold off half of it’s lighting rig & so the band were to play under the glare of a fluorescent strip light which at least had the benefit of lighting up the ‘silver fox’ on the drums to stunning effect! An hour of ‘all killer, no filler’ Phantoms classics then followed with the simple country folk going wild to the bands cockney styling’s on ‘Parklife’. Next up were local act, Treble Damage who rightly didn’t look too amused to have to announce to the crowd that the coach booked to take them all home was going at 9.30, only 2 songs into their opening set! What a bizarre gig! A massive, massive thank you to the hard core Phantom following for supporting the band so far away from home (you know who you were)! Gibbo then headed off into the night to fulfil his obligation for the lucky winner of the ‘have a Phantom of your choice for the night’ competition. What a dream come true for the lucky Norfolk based young Phan! The rest of the band collected our payment (a crate of beer - Bri would have loved it!) and headed back to find civilization. Another top Phantom adventure on the road. Bye bye Brampton. PS. The previous best excuse for a Phan not coming to a gig (going to see Sandi Toksvig instead!) may have been broken. This time round, one of our following could not make it due to an unavoidable obligation of having to clear out the garage! Hope that went OK!

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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