#69. The Grey Horse Pub, Kingston. 6.12.14.

Phabulous Phantoms!


After first playing at the Grey Horse back in Sept 2003 this years 'Phabulous Phantoms annual xmas xtravaganza' was even more eagerly anticipated than usual as this was to be the bands 24th and phinal appearance at our fav venue. Not because the band are splitting up (as some of you may well have hoped) but sadly due to the fact that Richard the Landlord is retiring and the brewery are unlikely to continue the pub as a live music venue. So, a bumper crowd, mostly resplendent in Phantom leisurewear (nice pants Ann!) or seasonal festive attire, gathered to witness the end of an era and the band (and special guests) didn't disappoint. Let the festive Phantom fun commence!
With a punk filled first set crashing to a crescendo it was soon time for special guest #1. On stage came Richard the Landlord to show Al how to really play the drums! And with our drummer ousted from his stool he was forced out of his comfort zone for a rare appearance up front to deliver the lead vocals to 'Teenage Kicks'. Nice. Thanks Richard. Enjoy your retirement.
After a hastily quaffed pint or two, set 2 then continued and the temperature was soon rising again as the Phantoms got in the zone and the impressively sized crowd (I mean there were lots of them, not that they were fat!) found their dancing shoes (or was it just that the pub had the radiators on full)? So, time for special guest(s) #2. Although we had always found the Grey Horse stage to be like the opposite of the Tardis we somehow found room to miraculously cram on another 7 people! Enter the massed ranks of the DGC choir to round off the evening in true festive style. As expected, Christmas came early. Ho ho ho!
Huge thanks to all our guests and especially all the punters (on this occasion and equally over the last 11 years) that have made playing at the Grey Horse not only possible but a hugely enjoyable experience. You will be missed. So, anyone know of a pub looking for a semi competent band?

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals), plus special guests Richard Fletcher (drums) & the DGC Choir.
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