#62. Private Party, Pirbright. 31.10.13.

Yee Hah! It's the Phantoms!


Band wanted, dead or alive (preferably alive) for Wild West themed gig! Sounds like a job for the phancy dress loving Phantoms! The boys needed little persuading in digging out their cowboy outfits, pulling on their chaps, mounting their rides & heading off into the sunset to the wild west (Pirbright)! On arrival the band were faced with a posse of seemingly well up for it Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians, Inflatable Horses & Mexicans (as well as a very pleasing bordello girl!) all resplendent in the traditional Halloween night costume!! A well lubricated crowd is always a great sign of a good night to come and we weren’t to be disappointed. After enthusiastically imbibing in a rider consisting mainly of copious amounts of beer & cheese, the Phants (who had collectively failed miserably in their attempts to not look like extras from Brokeback Mountain) took to the hay bale strewn stage and delivered two sets packed full of crowd pleasing ho downs. We even recruited a new band member who couldn’t resist the empty mic & unmanned tambourine vacated by the impromptu departure of our lead singer, desperate for a leak in the middle of the set! During the following song (My Generation by the Who) the interloper proved herself extremely adept on percussion, but amusingly not so adept at mastering the uncomplicated backing vocals! And so after a brief welcome bit of glamour to the line up, Mark (aka the ‘sheriff’) returned to his rightful place and the band got down to business. With a massive 7 new songs to try out it was pleasing to see them all go down well, especially our cover of the ‘Time Warp’ which had the desired effect of hot cowgirls pelvic thrusting! Big Phantom Kev even seemed quite good at it too! We’ll certainly be playing that one again!! It was a hugely enjoyable gig, a lot to do with the super enthusiastic crowd (apart from the slightly less enthusiastic looking vicar). Massive thanks to our hosts for asking us to play & treating us so well. All that remained was for the band to take on the bucking bronco, hit the bottle & join the party late into the early hours. Yee hah! Oh, and lest I forget, the only downside of the whole adventure was during the gig when one of our frontline took the wild west theme a bit too far and decided to recreate a famous scene from the film Blazing Saddles! Good grief!

[Sing to tune of ‘Favourite Things’]:
Cowboys and Indians, Soldiers and Vicars, free beer and Phantoms, Bordello girls knickers, ho downs and hay bales tied up with string, this gig was one of my favourite things! Thank you.

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
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