#76. The Royal Oak, Hampton. 15.4.16.

The Phantoms, back at our fav venue for the first gig of 2016. Lots of new songs were promised, which turned out to mean three! But what great new additions to the Phantoms canon they turned out to be.
The band started the gig with a rare moment of professionalism, playing the first two songs one after another, with no gap in-between (it usually takes ages between songs dithering around with cheat sheets or re-tuning guitars)! You will need to ask a slightly less biased member of the crowd if the initial high standards were maintained over the next few hours!
Anyway, next up was Frankie’s ‘Relax’, the song that inspired the gig poster (& latest Phantom t-shirt), soon followed by ‘Sex on Fire’ as spotted by an eagle eared member of the crowd after being challenged to ‘name that tune in one’. Well done, you’ve won free entry to our next gig at the Royal Oak!
After our bass player had finished taking back stage selfies, the band then powered through the remainder of the first set with a full on punk onslaught, then promising a second set of cheesy pop classics after a brief beer break (also giving our lead singer time to attend to his Tambourine blisters)! Medic!
Set 2 didn’t disappoint and we were soon into the first new song of the night, ‘Counting Stars’ by OneRepublic (Phantoms in modern cover shock)! This song was also a milestone in Big Kev & Jason’s Phantom career, being the 100th live song they have performed since joining Feltham’s finest covers band. Well done boys.
The Phantoms greatest hits continued with the crowd singing & dancing along, notably during the ‘Time Warp’ & it was all too soon time for the band to round off the evening with a couple more newbies.
‘Every 1’s a Winner’, originally by Hot Chocolate, followed by our fav new cover, ‘Walk This Way’ by Run DMC, featuring the unexpected & rarely heard vocal talents of our lead guitarist. Nice one Kev.
Despite being plagued by feedback on occasion, this was a great gig for the band & crowd alike. Thanks to all of you that didn’t let the day’s bad weather put you off a night out! Hope the Phantoms cheered up your day! Keep supporting live music & hope to see you next time.

The Phantoms were: Mark Gibson (lead vocals & keys), Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (bass & vocals) & Alun Westoll (drums & vocals).
Gig Pics Set List Poster