#87. Private Party, Wyton, Cambridgeshire. 7.12.17.

Rockaoke Phantoms... After a last minute call up and with the bands lead singer AWOL, the remaining Phantoms headed up to the frozen North to entertain one of the most up for it crowds in recent memory at Wyton, Cambridgeshire.
Thanks to the unavailability of the bands (ph)ront man the idea of Rockaoke had been put to the party organisers & on arrival the expectant (& well lubricated) crowd were already itching for their big chance to take to the stage with Feltham's finest covers band. Or more likely after a couple of hours freezing their nuts off at the outdoor Xmas market, they were probably just itching to get inside out of the cold!
So, with the party in full swing the Phantoms set the standard in the opening set delivering a stream of party favs that had the punters up on the dance floor from the opening note to the closing festive finale.
Then after an all too brief break & reminiscent of little kids on Christmas morning, the expectant crowd could wait no longer to take to the limelight & demanded the band return to the stage to commence the Rockaoke stage of proceedings. Thankfully it was the Phantoms they found in their Xmas stocking!
Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be… Liam Gallagher. First up was guest vocalist Simon who got things off to a flying start with an extremely accurate portrayal of the Oasis frontman during his performance of Cigarettes & Alcohol. You certainly were a ‘Rock & Roll Star’. So, with many hours of drinking behind them, there was no shortage of volunteers to join the band & the guest singers came thick & fast, with varying levels of success! But as the Rockaoke set drew to a close to the well sung sounds of Blur’s ‘Parklife’ (sadly didn’t make a note of the singer – sorry!), all present had really enjoyed the experience, I think!
Then after battling to get a drink at the bar the Phantoms returned to the stage to bring the night to a close with another set of guaranteed crowd pleasers (with the occasional guest singer along the way). And even finding time before the rather abrupt curfew for a bit more Rockaoke from more of the crowd.
A great night was had by all with drunken shenanigans aplenty! Many thanks to the party organisers for inviting us to join the festive fun, hope to see you again soon, and happy Christmas from four fifths of the Phantoms. Ho ho ho.

The Phantoms were: Kevin Rogers (guitar), Jason Biggs (guitar & vocals), Jon Novice (keys, bass & vocals), Alun Westoll (drums & vocals) AND YOU!
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