#49. The Grey Horse Pub, Kingston. 11.06.11. Gig Poster.

Sgt. Phantom gig poster

We're Sgt. Phantoms Cheesy Covers Band! Obviously inspired by the Beatles Sgt. Pepper cover.
Click on the above poster for an A4 higher resolution version that you can print out!

Key to Sgt. Phantom gig poster

Key to Sgt. Phantom poster.

*COMPETITION* The first Phan to write in naming all 69 people (or characters) featured in this poster
will win a pair of tickets to this gig at the Grey Horse, Kingston! The answers will then be revealed...

and the lucky winner was... Tony Treadaway! Congratulations. Here's the answers:

1. Where’s Wally
2. John McEnroe
3. David Jason (as Del Boy)
4. David Beckham
5. Rowan Atkinson (as Capt. Blackadder)
6. Anthony Hopkins (as Hannibal Lecter)
7. Lady Diana Spencer
8. David Tennant (as Dr Who)
9. Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump)
10. Shrek
11. Jarvis Cocker
12. Ricky Gervais (as David Brent)
13. Keifer Southerland (as Jack Bauer)
14. Huey Lewis
15. Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones)
16. Kylie Minogue
17. Smash Mash Alien
18. Jack Nicholson (as Randle McMurphy)
19. Mr T (as BA Baracus)
20. Simon Pegg (as
21. Rhys Ifans (as Spike)
22. Sean Connery (as James Bond)
23. David Threlfall (as Frank Gallagher)
24. Christopher Reeve (as Superman)
Sacha Baron Cohen (as Ali G)
26. Gary Glitter
27. Noel Fielding (as The Moon)
28. Audrey Tautou (as Amelie)
29. Ringo Starr
30. John Lennon
31. Paul McCartney
32. George Harrison
Julie Andrews (as Mary Poppins)
34. David Duchovny (as Fox Mulder)
35. Gillian Anderson (as Dana Scully)
36. Michael Eavis
37. Isy Suttie (as Dobby)
38. Kevin Spacey (as Keyser Soze)
Marcia Cross (as Bree Van de Kamp)
40. Al Murray
41. Adrian Edmondson (as
Vyvyan Basterd)
42. Animal
Richard Ayoade (as Maurice Moss)
44. Ruth Jones (as Nessa)
45. Brian Spencer
46. Alyson Hannigan (as Willow Rosenberg)
47. Harry Hill
48. Jack Black (as
Dewey Finn)
49. Henry Winkler (as The Fonz)
50. Judy Garland (as Dorothy Gale)
51. Richard Fletcher
52. Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter)
53. Alan Sugar
54. Gary Lineker
55. Freddie Mercury
Steve Pemberton (as Tubbs)
57. Reece Shearsmith (as Edward)
58. Jon Phantom
59. Al Phantom
60. Mark Phantom
61. Jase Phantom
62. Kev Phantom
63. Will Ferrell (as
Buddy Hobbs)
64. Ben Collins (aka The Stig)
Fiona Butler (70’s tennis poster girl)
66. Sooty
67. Yoda
68. Bagpuss

69. R2-D2