Helen's Rock Family Tree

In the Beginning 1969 to 1979.
Started singing at the age of 5 at school when I surprised everyone with a Nana Maskouri type version of Amazing Grace at the Christmas assembly and I haven't shut up since. Joined the church choir and then when they got all happy clappy joined in with the guitars and tambourines between the ages of 10 and 15. At the same time I was busy playing in the senior school brass band. I played the baritone and the euphonium for a couple of years. 

1980 to 1981.
I started out with my own accompanist, Chris Jagus, who played the piano when I was 16 and we did a few of the local bars and social clubs in Lancashire. Chris is now a consultant psychiatrist living on the Isle of Mann, so he's done very well for himself. At this time I started having my voice classically trained by the vocal coach who gave us music lessons at Oldham School of Music and Dramatic Arts, but I was not happy with how operatic I was starting to sound so I stopped after six months. However, I do now feel that those lessons gave me the grounding and proper techniques to show a degree of versatility in my singing with the Phantoms. Whilst I was out singing with Chris, I was spotted by a local folk group called 'Legend' when I was 17 and I spent six months with them doing more pubs, social clubs and Old Folks' Homes. I also joined Oldham Amateur Operatic Society and did two productions with them, Gilbert & Sullivans' Mikado and Pagannini's Land of Smiles (never go and see that one!)

1983 to 1986.
Then I left to go the States for a year, where I got involved with the local church again and did mainly solo work. When I came back, I joined a jazz band called 'Titanic' and before you all say it, yes, it always went down well! That was an 8 piece band with piano, double bass, drums and various brass instruments. I was doing very well with them, but unfortunately there wasn't a day time job to do, so I moved to London in 1986 and began singing with a Kensington choral society who's highlight of the year was to sing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank at Christmas. We sang Verdi's Requiem and Bach's Magnificat, which was a superb experience, but they were all a bit snobby, so I left after the performance! You know me, I like a bit of warmth and a laugh!

Mr Jinx
1991 to 1994.
Then I got heavily into being the perfect wife and mother and entered a dark hole musically for about five years. Stupid girl! I dabbled a bit during a posting with the British Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I sang in a Music Hall Evening and also got together with a Phillipino called Mr Jinx who played keyboard for me whilst I sang some jazz classics at various house parties. Then I came back to England and the rest they say is Phantasmic history.....