All you have to do is print out ‘little Bri’, stick him somewhere interesting/amusing, take a photo
& send it into Phantom central. Some sort of tatty prize will eventually be awarded to the best entry.

Download your 'little Bri' here.

Little Bri in Cambodia.  Little Bri up the Mekong!  Little Bri in Laos.

Entry #10.
It's little Bri on an Asian adventure! First pictured outside the Royal Palace in
Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.
Then crossing into Laos up the Mekong River & finally checking out the
Victory Gate in the Laos capital, Vientiane.

Where's Little Bri? Available in all good bookshops.

Entry #11.
With Little Bri's adventures becoming ever more popular & book of his exploits
was hastily published just before Christmas! Click on the cover above for a look inside!
Can you spot Little Bri on a visit to Amsterdam?

Hi, I'm little Bri! So where will 'little Bri' go next? You decide...