Phantom Logo's past, present & future?

Original Phantom Logo by Darren King
The first Phantom logo hastily knocked together by Darren King.
Phantom Logo by Al Westoll
The 'star wars' logo designed by Alun.
Phantom Logo by Brian Spencer
Brian's 'psychedelic' band logo.

Here are a few designs for the new logo to give you an idea of the sort of thing we are after...

Example Phantom Logo #1

Example Phantom Logo #2

So, here we go - Entry #1
Phantom Logo by Al Westoll
Copyright infringing in-house production!

Entry #2

Phantom Logo by Chris Player

By Chris 'Tractor Lover' Player.

Entry #3
Another Phantom Logo by Chris Player

Again submitted by our man at JARIC, Chris Player.

Entry #4

Yet another Phantom Logo by Chris Player

Yes, you guessed it, designed by Chris Player. Is that a scary looking carrot he's holding?

Entry #5

Phantom Logo by Jemma Stovell

Cool new logo designed by Jemma Stovell from the Taunton branch
of the Phantom Phan Club.

Entry #6

Phantom Logo by Steve Clark

Designed by Steve Clark. Inspired by the emblem of the The F-4 Phantom II fighter plane, a whimsical cartoon ghost called ‘The Spook’.

Entry #7

Phant logo by Al Phantom.

Yet another potentially copyright infringing in-house production!
Inspired by the famous Beatles logo but amended it to reflect the
Phantoms ‘sex, drugs &
rock and roll’ lifestyle.


Entry #8

Phant logo by Paul Baden

Gothic looking Phant logo designed by our photographer, Paul Baden.

Entry #9

Phant logo by Darren King

New entry by the designer of the first ever Phant logo!, ex Feltham boy Darren King.
(Logo possibly inspired by a photo of our lead singer pictured first thing in the morning!!)

Keep those entries coming in. Who wins? You decide!
Let us know your thoughts on the Message Board.