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Old(ish) News (Jan 09 to Dec 11)... So what did I miss?

16 December 11. Annual Cheese Comp!... Photos from the Phants final gig of year now on the gig#53 page. TTFN. See you on the other side.


15 December 11. Christmas Climax!... The Phantoms brought a festival filled year to a close with another great gig at the General Roy in Feltham. Read all about it on the gig#53 page. Photos & videos to follow soon.
Will He or Won’t He?... Many moons ago the Phantoms offered free entry to all their future gigs to the first hard core Phan willing to get the Phant tattoo etched into their flesh! Well, rumour has it that someone is about to rise to the challenge! Tune in next year to see if he went thorough with it! Let’s hope it’s not going anywhere too risqué as it will need to be shown to the doorman at every gig to get in!!
Happy Phantmas!... So, that was 2011 then. 12 months, another 6 gigs under our belt & 10 new songs in the can. Not bad! A humongous thank you to all the Phant Phans who came along to see us over the last year. We really appreciate all your continued support. And phinally, the band would like to wish you all a happy xmas & equally phantastic new year. See you in 2012 for more of the same.


9 December 11. Mr Chumley Warner!... Photos & video clips from the last gig now on the gig#52 page. Looking forward to doing it all over again on Wednesday!


4 December 11. So Here It Is, Merry Christmas, Everybody’s Having Fun!... Read all about the phestive fun at the Grey Horse on the gig#52 page as the Phantoms (& The Tipping Point) kicked off the countdown to Christmas with a bang! Photos & video clips to follow soon.
*BREAKING NEWS* FREE Phantoms!... If you still want more following the Phants great xmas gig at the GH or are just gutted that you missed it, you lucky people now have one more chance to see your phavourite covers band before the end of the year, for FREE! By popular demand, the Phantoms have been asked back to Feltham's phinest pub for the second year in a row! But sorry kids, it's over 21's only after 9PM! The General Roy Pub, Wednesday 14th Dec. See the gig#53 page for more details. Christmas classics & Santa hats guaranteed!


26 November 11. Spoiler Alert!… Only 1 week to go till the traditional opening event of the phestive season! The Tipping Point will be on at 8PM and you can expect some great hard edge indie covers from the likes of the Editors, Nine Black Alps, Foo Fighters, QOTSA & Nirvana. The Phantoms will then be on from 9PM with their usual brand of crowd pleasers and will be debuting new songs from Slade (which one I wonder!), the Stereophonics, the Vaccines, the Jam & even AC/DC! Yes, I did say AC/DC! Promises to be a great night! See you all soon! Ho ho ho!


15 November 11. Movember!… Don't panic ladies! The Phantoms phront man has not suddenly lost all sense of style! He's just growing a moustache during November to help raise awareness of men's health. To make a donation, go to this webpage: If enough of you donate maybe he'll keep his tache for the Phants gig on Dec 3rd! Personally, I'm looking forward to Fanuary!

   Nice tache Gibbo!   Sparks or Gibbo?  Gibbo auditions for Sparks!


4 November 11. 5 For The Price Of 4!… Fancy a little help with your Xmas shopping! Just go the the Phants shop, put 5 items in your shopping basket, enter the voucher code XMAS5FOR4 and only pay for 4 (between 15-28 November)! Bargain!
Xmas Starts Here!... The Phantoms & The Tipping Point are pulling out all the stops for a bumper crowd at the Grey Horse on 3rd Dec. So please hop onto our FaceBook event page, let us know you are coming and start looking forward to a great kick off to Xmas! See you soon!


22 September 11. The Tipping Point… Good news for all of you ‘Fit For Purpose’ fans. After 3 years away, Gary & Gav will finally be back supporting the Phantoms at their next gig with a new band name (The Tipping Point), a new bunch of edgy indie songs (inc. Editors & Nine Black Alps) and a surprisingly familiar new bass player! They will be on at 8PM so ensure you get their early to avoid disappointment! See you on Dec 3rd!
Honk!... If you enjoyed the Phantoms recent addition to the set (Gary Newman’s Cars), well I bet you can’t wait for the next gig as apparently Gibbo has been studying this video clip & learning a new instrument! Can it beat his previous harmonica solo’s I wonder?


4 September 11. More, More!... Phantoms in second encore shock! Read all about the events from our hugely enjoyable gig yesterday at the Grey Horse on the Gig#51 page (including photos & some great video clips). Hope to see you at the next one in December.


29 August 11. I Predict A Riot! Possibly Not!... Thanks to those of you that made the long trip out to the country to see the Phants at the Gomstock Festival over the weekend. For those of you that didn’t, see how the city boys fared on the Gig#50 page (inc. a few pics). Also check out theSee section of this website for a video clip of the band playing a brand new song at Gomstock.
!… The Phantoms will be back in their comfort zone this Saturday (3rd Sept, 8PM) so hope you can join us at the Grey Horse in Kingston! More brand new songs promised!


22 August 11. *BREAKING NEWS* Phants at Gomstock!... Due to popular demand, your phavourite covers band have now been added to the lineup for the Gomstock Festival THIS SUNDAY 28th August (at the Compasses Inn, Gomshall, Surrey, GU5 9LA). More details here. The Festival features an all day bar & BBQ with 12 bands playing over the course of day. All proceeds from this event going to charity. First band on at 12, last band at 9, with the Phantoms due on stage at 1.30PM. So, we hope to see you this weekend (one week earlier than expected)! Also, with Nov unable to make it for this one, the Phants will be joined on bass by ex band member Paul. Nice one!


18 August 11. Guitar Hero!... Hope you can join the Phants in just over two weeks time at the Grey Horse in Kingston for the bands 50th ever gig! Promises to be a good one! The action starts at 8.
Where Are They Now? Part 1, Bass Players… Ever wondered what happened to past Phantom greats after leaving the fold? Well wonder no longer! Let’s get the ball rolling with the bass players…

   Skitz the actor!

John Skittles (the bands first bass player & founding Phantom) can now be seen leading the cast as Station Master Perks in the production of The Railway Children at London's former Eurostar terminal.

   Fucking Robbo!

and the Phantoms second bassist, Paul Castle AKA ‘Robbo’ (named after his boyhood footballing hero, Bryan Robson) is now embroiled in a heated graffiti war with fellow street artist Banksy. Who’d of thought it!


4 August 11. Next Gig!... The Phantoms are ramping up ready for the next gig at the Grey Horse on Sat 3rd Sept with a couple of brand new songs sounding great in rehearsals (including a classic from the 80’s!) There will be support in the (ph)ront bar from 8PM with the Phants on stage at 9PM. Coincidently, this date sadly marks the 2nd anniversary of the death of the Phantoms guitarist Brian, so an Angelfield cover may also be called for. Hope you can join us.
Last Gig!... A couple of vids from the bands last gig at the Grey Horse have recently come to light and can now be viewed via theSee section of this website (inc. some notable moves on the dance floor by Mike The Hat & Biggs Snr!) Also Feltstock videos to follow very soon!
Phants Merch Store Update!... We have just added some lovely new products to the Phants shop, so check it out here or select the ‘Shop’ link in the above menu.
If you enjoyed the brilliant ‘Beautiful Losers’ at Feltstock then you can join some of the Phantoms in the crowd at ‘Gomstock’ on Sunday 28th August & see them all over again! Nice.


4 July 11. Phants Merch Store!... At last, due to popular demand, the Phantoms online T-shirt & merchandise store is now up & running. Hooray! Click here or select the ‘Shop’ link in the above menu. There’s no longer an excuse for not owning a pair of ‘Phant Pants’! Get shopping!
Phants Pheltstock DVD… The Feltstock DVD is selling fast, featuring 2 tracks from all the acts who took part (including your very own Phantoms). As well as the ‘Best of’ DVD, you can also purchase a version with just the Phantoms entire festival set! Priced at £5 each with all proceeds going to Help For Heroes. If you want to order copies, contact one of the band at Phant Central.
Feltstock a Success!… A massive thanks to all the Phans who bought tickets & all the other bands alongside the Phants who helped to make Feltstock such a great success. We have just been informed that the event raised nearly £1000 each for both the charities, Help For Heroes & The Benevolent Fund. Nice work!
Yet More Feltstock Pics…
If you want to see some pics of the other bands who took part in Feltstock, check out the FaceBook Feltstock highlights photo album.


17 June 11. Pheltstock Phantom Photo Phrenzy!... Thanks to all the Phant Phans that have sent in pics of the bands recent appearance at Feltstock. We’ve had so many great new pictures that we’ve had to make a 2nd photo gallery! See the ‘Gig Pics #2’ link on the gig#48 page.
Feltstock 2013… We have been reliably informed that just like Glasto, Feltstock will be having a year off to give the London Olympics a chance & will be returning bigger & better (could it get any better?) on Fri 14th June 2013 (exact date TBC). The Phantoms are looking forward to it already!
50 Not Out!...
Hope you can join the Phantoms at their next live appearance at the Grey Horse on Sat 3rd September for the bands 50th ever gig!


12 June 11. Kev’s The Daddy... Congratulations to Big Kev Phantom who at 3AM on Friday morning (just hours before appearing at Feltstock) became a dad! Apparently he’s undecided about a name for his new daughter so, if you’ve got any suggestions, please let us know! What about ‘Phantom’?
Busy Boys… We’ll, it’s been an extremely busy couple of days for your fav covers band. The Phantoms made a triumphant appearance at Feltstock on Friday evening (see the gig#48 page for photos & more info on the Phants Phestival exploits) followed by a great gig the very next night at the Grey Horse in Kingston (pix & info on the gig#49 page). All the band are now either getting their voices back or enjoying a well earnd rest (apart from the new Dad!) before we do it all over again in just under 3 months time!
We Have A Winner!... Congrats to Phant Phan Tony Treadaway who after correctly naming all 69 faces in the last Sgt. Phantom gig poster won a couple of tickets to the gig. If you want to know who all the people were, click here for the answers (or ask Tony)!
Phants in Training!... Ever wondered how the Phants get in shape for a busy gig weekend. Well, wonder no more! Click here to see (link to video on YouTube).
Feltstock DVD…
For those of you that missed it, or if you want a memento of the occasion, the Feltstock DVD will soon be available featuring 2 tracks from all the artists who played, or alternatively you can get a recording of the whole set from your fav artist (obviously the Phantoms)! More details of this to follow soon…


8 May 11. International Celebrity Stalker!... Now even celebs from overseas are clamouring to get pictured with one of Feltham's phinest covers band! Check it out here. AWESOME!
Ready to Rock!... Following a fantastic rehearsal this weekend, the band are really looking forward to the two gigs coming up in just over a month's time (June 10th & 11th). We've got a massive 29 songs ready to go, including 3 brand new ones (Beatles, Blondie & Blur), a handful of old Phantom classics that have not been played in a long while (Semisonic, Elvis Costello, REM, Ramones) plus all the usual crowd favs. Hope to see you at one of these!
Phants Live in 2011... See the 'Gigs' page for details of all the bands planned gigs over the remainder of the year. Info also on the 'Events' tab of the Phantoms FaceBook page, ‘Are You The Caterers?’.


17 April 11. Branching Out... Following Paul's departure we have updated the Phants family tree. Read all about the 8th iteration of your phavourite covers band from the link off the 'meet' page.
Guitar Zero!... The 'Gigs' section has now been fully updated with all the details you will need for the bands remaining gigs of the year, including the Phantoms groundbreaking 50th ever live appearance!
Feltstock Celebrity Stalkers... The stars are fighting over each other to get a gig at Feltstock! See who's begging Al Phantom for a chance to play here.
FREE TICKET!... Don't forget to check out the competition on the 'Poster' link off the gig#49 page for your chance to get free entrance at an imminent Phant gig!
Apt Venue!... Here's Al Phantom stumbling across a venue that has the bands name written all over it (literally)! We must get a gig here sometime!

  The Phant Room!
I dare you to enter!


6 March 11. Hottest Ticket in Town... Tickets are selling fast for Feltstock, so if you have yet to get yours, hurry before they sell out! See the gig#48 page for more details.
The Phull Phantoms... If half an hour of your fave covers bands is not enough for you, catch the full 2 hour extravaganza (including loads of new songs) at the Grey Horse on Sat 11th June. *Phree Tickets!* You can also win a pair of tickets for this gig by naming all the 69 characters featured in the gig poster. More details on the
gig#49 page.
In, Out, In, Out...
Once again I'm sad to announce the departure of our on & off bassist Paul. As previously said (see news entry dated 3 Sept 08) it's been great fun & you will be missed. Let's all hope that this departure from the group is as 'permanent' as the last one & we all see him again on stage with the Phants sometime in the phuture! As a result, Nov will once again be swapping his keyboard for that lovely orange bass! Maybe Paul can lend him his?


10 February 11. (Ph)eltstock!... See the gig#48 page for details of this Summers hottest new music festival (on 10/06/11) where you phavourite covers band will be joined by 13 other great acts over 2 stages. Tickets are now available (contact Al Phantom at Phantom Central), but hurry before they sell out!


30 January 11. HNY!... A belated happy new year to you all! Looking forward to yet another twelve months packed full of Phantom action (see the 'Gigs' section for all the important dates)!
Phant Vids… Check out the latest video clips from the bands two Xmas gigs in the 'See' section of our website (see above menu item).
Batteries Not Included!... The photos from the Phantoms
homecoming gig at the General Roy just before Christmas are now on the gig#47 page.


23 December 10. Are You Over 21?... Forced evictions, tubby Elves, silly hats & much, much more! Read all about the Phantoms historic Xmas ho-ho-homecoming gig at the General Roy yesterday on the gig#47 page. Pics & vids to follow soon.
Happy Xmas!... Hope you all have a great Christmas, thanks for all your support over the last year and see you in 2011!
Woodcuts on YouTube!... If you missed
Pholky Phantoms other gig with his less noisy band on Monday, then click here to see the Woodcut Process playing a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising in a snowy Kingston. How phestive!


12 December 10. 1000 Songs!... Shame we didn’t realise this on the night, but when Big Kev was frantically trying to fix yet another broken string during ‘She’s Electric’ at the Phants last gig two weeks ago, that was actually the 1000th song the band have performed live over their 46 gigs to date! What a typically shambolic way to mark this milestone! Phantastic!
Another Phantoms (Ph)irst!... Talking of milestones, the Phantoms are looking forward to being the first live band to ever play at the General Roy pub in Feltham in just over a weeks time. Hope you can join us for this historic night!
Phant Photos!... Pics from the bands last appearance at the Grey Horse are now available on the gig#46 page.


5 December 10. Rockin In Your Stokin!... Read all about the events from the Phantoms gig at the Grey Horse over the weekend on the gig#46 page. Photos & video clips to follow.
*BREAKING NEWS* FREE Phestive Phantoms!... Don’t worry if you missed the chance to see your phavourite covers band on Saturday as you now have one phinal opportunity this year! As an early Xmas present to you all, the Phantoms will be playing a FREE gig at the General Roy Pub on Wednesday 22nd Dec. Hope to see you there for this historic ho-ho-homecoming! See the gig#47 page for more details.
Loser!... Here's another Xmas gig you will not want to miss! The Beautiful Losers (featuring ex-Phantom Bri's brother in law Al) will be appearing at The Compasses Inn, Gomshall, Surrey on Fri 17th Dec. Come and catch a sneak preview of one of the bands scheduled to play at next years Feltstock Festival alongside the Phantoms.
And Another One!... Ex Phantom Helen will also be playing at Woody’s Bar and Kitchen, 5 Rams Passage, Kingston on Wed 15th December, 7.30pm onwards. And it's Free! Go see her for an evening of pop songs with a jazzy feel! Jazz, Nice. More info here.
2011 Diary... The Phants already have a stack of gigs for next year planned so get these dates in your new 2011 diaries now: Fri 10th & Sat 11th June 2010, Sat 3rd Sept 2010 & Sat 3rd Dec 2010. See the 'Gigs' page for more details.


16 November 10. Brian Spencer Memorial Chase 2011... After the success of this years race in memory of ex-Phantom Brian (see news post dated 1 May 10) it's now time to help raise the required money to sponsor next years race, planned for Sunday 8th May 2011 at Plumpton Racecourse. If any of you Phantom Phans are in a position to assist, please get in touch with one of the band. We will also be holding a collection at our next gig at the Grey Horse on Sat 4th Dec. Any donations towards the cost of the day would be most appreciated. We are also hoping to enter a 'runner' in the Children’s Trust Mascot Champion Hurdle so please help to make the Brooks Manatee a reality! Just imagine it:

    Chesney the Chipmunk is already getting worried!


13 November 10. Rock And Roll Xmas!... Things are going well at rehearsals & we are looking forward to starting the phestivities with you all in just under a months time at the Grey Horse on Sat 4th Dec. Ho ho ho!
Rockin Johnny Phantom!... Since the demise of the Charles Napiers, if you have missed the exploits of the phounding ex-Phantom, then join us checking out his new band, JB & The Wolfmen at the Crypt, Old Explorer, 23 Great Castle Street, London on Wed 8th Dec. According to Facebook, ‘JB and those intrepid Wolfmen will be knocking out some of the finest punk and blues around’. Nice!


1 November 10. Phestive Phantoms!... The Phantoms are back in the rehearsal room, hard at it in preparation for our phinal gig of the year at the Grey Horse on Sat 4th Dec. Hope you can come along & kick off the phestive season with us! We have a support act lined up in the front bar, plus a guest musician, loads of new songs in the pipeline (inc. a controversial Christmas classic!) and we may even break out the Santa hats too! So see you soon at the now traditional start to the Christmas fun!
How old?... As a lot of the old Phantom gig photos were previously unavailable, we have (ph)inally finished raiding the archives & added a pic or two from (nearly) all 45 Phantom gigs to date to the bands
PhaceBook Phangroup page ‘Are You The Caterers?’. Have a look (on the 'Photos' tab) & watch the band get older & greyer! Well, Al Phantom anyway! PS. If you have any pics from the 3 missing gigs (gig#8, #9 or #22) then we would love to see themfav!) and we may even break out the santa hats! See you soon. Ho ho ho.!
Free Food?
... As if December wasn't busy enough, ensure you leave Monday 20th Dec free to see the Woodcut Process at the Grey Horse. We are all hoping that like last year, there will be free mince pies on offer! Mmmm.


14 September 10. Sax Pix!... As promised, photos of the band's gig at the Grey Horse last weekend now available on the gig#45 page.
More Phants on YouTube!... See the ‘See’ page (!) for links to the latest videos of the Phantoms (from their 9/11 gig) recently posted on YouTube.
Phrog Chorus Anyone?...
The boys are now gearing up for their eagerly awaited Xmas gig on 4th December where a classic Christmas song has been promised! But which one? You decide! Please log onto the Phantoms PhaceBook Phangroup ‘Are You The Caterers?’, select the ‘Discussions’ tab & let us know which one you want the band to do! All votes for ‘Walking in the Air’ will obviously be completely ignored!


12 September 10. Sax Appeal!... Read all about the events from the Phantoms latest appearance at the Grey Horse in Kingston ‘Last Night’ on the gig#45 page. Photos & even a phew video clips to follow soon! Watch this space.


10 September 10. Phantoms Get The Horn!... All will be revealed at the Grey Horse tomorrow night! More details on the gig#45 page. See you tomorrow!


27 July 10. Feltstock!... How exciting! The Phants have agreed to take part in next Summers hottest new festival! Check out the gig#47 page for details. More info to follow over the coming months...
When September Ends!... The boys are back, hard at it rehearsing for the next gig at the Grey Horse on Sat 11th September with a couple of new songs in work & not one, but two special guests already confirmed! Phantastic! If you have yet to do it, log onto the Phantoms PhaceBook Phangroup ‘Are You The Caterers?’ & let us know you are coming! See you all soon.


28 June 10. Download Festival!... For all you phans of ex-Phantom Brian's other band, Angelfield, mp3's of his songs are now available for a limited time only here: Get downloading! Right Click, Save Target As, enjoy!


14 June 10. Happy Birthday Phantoms!... Read all about the events from the Phantoms 10th birthday gig on the gig#44 page. Thanks for helping the band make this a memorable evening & look forward to seeing you all again in 3 months time.


5 May 10. Phantoms Picture Perfect!... Check out the last 3 pix on the Grey Horse's picture gallery. It now contains some iconic photos of the old & new Phantoms playing at their phavourite venue! Phantastic.


1 May 10. New Songs Galore!... Sorry it’s been so long since we last spoke but your phavourite covers band have been busy in rehearsals learning a ton of new stuff for the bands 10th Anniversary gig in just over a months time. We have added a couple of old ‘classics’ that the band have not played for a few years as well as 7 completely new songs never before performed live! And I can confirm that the rumours of a Lady Ga Ga cover are all true! This batch of new songs will see the band reach the milestone of having performed over 100 different covers at gigs during the last 10 years! Pleasing! Bri’s sister Lynne has also agreed to come along & reprise her performance of ‘All I Know’ for those of you that were unfortunate enough to miss it the last time round. It’s all shaping up to be a great night!
Pharsical!… Talking of the Phantoms next gig, click here to see what the Grey Horse have to say about the evening. I think they may have taken the alliteration thing a bit far!
Get Well Soon... The Phants frontman is well on the mend after just having his tonsils out but let's all cross our fingers for when he returns to rehearsals next week. Otherwise Nov may have to sing on 11th June and no-one wants that!!
Support… At the next gig it is planned that the Phants will be supported on the night (in the front bar) with a solo acoustic performance by Roger Henderson (who last supported the band back in 2006), so if you don’t want to miss him, ensure you get there early!
The Brian Spencer Memorial chase…
In honour of our ex horse loving Phantom we have sponsored a race in his memory to be held on Sun 9th May at Plumpton Racecourse. Brian’s race will be the ‘feature’ race of the day. Doors open 12 noon with Bri’s race at about 2.30PM. More info here. I like the sound of the Children’s Trust Mascot Champion Hurdle! Does anyone have a manatee costume? All the band will be in attendance (in the Premier Enclosure) so hope you can join us to raise a glass to Brian, plus probably lose a load of cash in the process! If you cannot make it to Plumpton please still stick a few quid on one of the appropriately named runners down your local bookie (here’s hoping the field contains a horse called ‘The Phantom’) & let us know if you get lucky!
Unleashed a Monster!… Do any of you remember the meek & mild acoustic front man of the Woodcut Process? Well, after joining the Phantoms he is now completely unrecognisable after recently purchasing the world’s biggest amp stack! Ear plugs may be required to see Mr Hyde at the Phantoms next gig! Although you can still catch Dr Jekyll at the Grey Horse in Kingston on 23rd June, the Blue Anchor Folk Club in Byfleet on 20th May & a beer festival in Bath (Cross Keys pub) on 30th May. Hopefully he should have enough potion left to turn back into a Phantom Monster on Friday 11th July! Talking of the Woodcut Process, did anyone see the other member (Gons) busking at Waterloo Station a few weeks ago! Apparently he went down a storm with the commuters making the princely sum of £14 for his efforts! That should just about cover the cost of his train ticket there & back! Nice.


7 January 10. Happy New Year!... Hope you all had a great Christmas & are looking forward to a Phantom (ph)illed new decade! How exciting!
Phant Vids… As promised, some of the eagerly awaited video footage from our final gig of 09 is now available on the 'See' section of our website (see above menu item). We have also unearthed a ton of long lost video clips from the dim & distant past (including the bands debut gig!) that we think you may find amusing! Hope this lot will keep you happy till the Phants first live gig of 2010, coming soon...


27 December 09. Late Xmas Present… Rather than brave the sales, stay at home & visit our gig#43 page to see the photos from the Phants last gig. Nice.
World Wide Phants... The 'not so useful links' section on the 'Misc' page (see top menu) has now been updated for easy access to PhantomAlf's YouTube Channel & Pholky Phantoms MySpace site. Both packed full of good stuff. Check em out.


19 December 09. It’s Alive!... Apologies for the recent delay in Phant news. I’ve been off for a few weeks following an operation which will hopefully enable me to play the drums in time from now on! Anyway…
And As We Say Our Long Goodbye’s… Read all about the emotional evening that was the Phantoms (ph)inal gig of the decade (including a couple of bonus mp3’s!) on the gig#43 page. Photos & video clips to follow soon in the new year. Most pleasing...
Draw A Map Of Your Life... Check out the new Angelfield website here. It's recently been updated paying tribute to the Phantoms very own Brian Spencer. Apparently he once played for them too!
England vs The Phantoms… We recently informed you of the band’s future gigs at the Grey Horse in 2010. Well, following the World Cup draw we have rearranged one of the dates as we felt that if you had the choice of watching us or England stuff the USA then we might have a more minimal crowd than usual! Plus we want to watch the football ourselves! If the Grey Horse want a crowd that night they may need to try and book U2 or Coldplay! Therefore, the gig that was going to be on Saturday 12th June will now take place the day before on FRIDAY 11th JUNE. Hopefully the Phants will prove more of a draw than Uruguay vs France!
Choose Our 100th Cover!...
Early next year we hope to spend a few months learning a bunch of new songs so please let us know what new material you would love to hear the band decimate (or any past covers we have let slip you want to hear again) on the Phantoms PhaceBook Phangroup ‘Are You The Caterers?’. Just log on, select the Discussions Tab and tell us what you think. Note. All requests for Genesis will be ignored! Over the past 43 gigs the band have so far performed 95 different songs! Your choice could be the magic 100th!
See You Next Year… (Ph)inally, thanks for all your support over the last year, and a huge thank you for your continued following over the last decade. It’s been ten great years, full of ups & downs, but mainly ups! Here’s to the next 10 years of The Phantoms! Oh, and I hope you all have a phantastic xmas & new year. See you sometime in 2010! xx


25 November 09. Decade of the Phantoms!... As you know the Phantoms first burst onto the scene in the year 2000 and after 10 years of Phantom magic the band will be playing their final gig of the year (and the decade!!!) at the Grey Horse in Kingston in only 10 days time! So get the baby sitters sorted for this not to be missed event!
Pheltham in the News!... Yesterday, a memorial to Freddie Mercury was unveiled at the home of the Phantoms (where the teenage Queen frontman once grew up). Eighteen years after his death the rather garish commemorative pavement star was unveiled by big haired bandmate Brian May to an enthusiastic crowd of teenage mothers. Now a precedent has been set I can only presume that in eighteen years from now the people of Pheltham will also be honouring the towns other legendary musician, Brian Spencer, in a similar manner!
Forward Planning!... How’s this for organisation! The Phants have had their gig dates at the Grey Horse for next year confirmed already! Get these dates in your new 2010 diaries now: Saturday 12th June 2010, Saturday 11th September 2010 & Saturday 4th December 2010. Here’s to another decade of the Phantoms!


20 October 09. Alright!… A month ago I spoke to you about Brian singing the two most popular Phantom covers. Well, in our recent root around the Phants archives we discovered a couple of mp3's that you may want to hear. The first is Bri singing Alright (MP3, 4Mb) recorded at the Phantoms one & only venture into the recording studio. The second is a slightly less professional version of Bri singing Teenage Kicks (MP3, 3Mb) recorded at a band rehearsal by our old sound man, Knobs (Colin Hills). I hope this brings back some good memories! Enjoy!


19 October 09. Archives Unlocked!… The internet pixies have been busy over the weekend uploading a ton of videos onto YouTube that were recently discovered in the bowels of the Phantoms Vault. Including classic moments in the bands history like the 2002 Battle of the Bands, Phantoms in silly xmas hats, the infamous Kylie Minogue cover, Gar Bar!, Simon singing!, and much, much more. Links on the See page. Watch Al get greyer & Gibbo get balder!
Xmas Starts Here!... There's now only a month and a half to go till the Phants eagerly awaited next gig at the Grey Horse on Sat 5th Dec. The word on the street is that it could get a bit busy so stick the date in your (ph)estive diary and ensure you get there early! See the gig#43 page for further info.


13 October 09. Read All About It!… Having finally got round to updating the meet section of the website you can now learn all you need to know about the two new boys, (Ph)olky Phantom & Metal Phantom!
What a Geysir!...
More action in the Phar Away Phan T-Shirt Competition.


6 October 09. It's All Yellow!… As promised, photos from the bands last gig are now available on the gig#42 page. You will be pleased to know that our keyboard player/singer has now returned to his normal hue!


5 October 09. Cross Dressing… This weekend saw the new look Phantoms play a great warm up gig prior to the bands imminent return to the Grey Horse at an exclusive invite only affair. See the gig#42 page for a brief synopsis of events. Photos of the band in full cross dressing action to follow!
Next Gig… Talking of the Grey Horse, after a year’s absence the band will be returning to our phavourite venue on Saturday 5th December. Hope you can join us for what promises to be an emotional night. New songs & guest appearances promised.


14 September 09. Pharewell... I’m extremely saddened to inform you of the death of Brian Spencer, who died tragically last week in a road accident. As most of you probably know, he was a key figure in forming the Phantoms back in June 2000 and over the next 9 years went on to play nearly 40 gigs with the band bringing joy to hundreds of appreciative audience members. He was a vastly talented, intelligent & funny individual and his absence is already being greatly felt by those of us that were lucky enough to have spent time with him. He was a hugely talented musician, adept at the guitar and equally gifted vocally. It was no coincidence that Brian provided the vocals for the two most popular Phantom covers the band has ever performed (Alright & Teenage Kicks). As well as playing with the Phantoms, Brian was also a former member of Angelfield, a band formed with his sister & old school friends, where he wrote and performed his own songs to a higher standard than the Phantoms could ever hope to achieve. He was a very clever individual and it’s no secret that he was the brains behind the Phantoms all conquering quiz team, also responsible for the creation of this website. Music was the love of Brian’s life & I know that his fellow band members & loyal Phantom followers all feel privileged to of shared so much of it with him. His absence will be hugely felt at the bands next gig at the Grey Horse in Kingston on Sat 5th December but I hope you can all come along to join the band in saying farewell to Brian. He will be sadly missed.

Brian Spencer  Bri doing what he loved

Brian Spencer


4 August 09. Message Board!... Due to demise of the Phantoms old message board we have now replaced it with a link to the bands 'Wall' on Facebook (see 'Message' link above). If you feel the need to leave the band a message, become a member of 'Are You The Caterers?' & do it there! We look forward to seeing what you have to say! I think!
See, hear, smell, the Phantoms!... From the above new link (called 'See') you can now access the phantastic new Phants Video page! This is an exciting amalgamation of all the Phans video clips that have found their way onto YouTube in recent times. More to be added soon! Happy watching, but you may want to turn the sound down a bit!
Pholk Music2... If you are available on Thursday 27th Aug, come along to the Duke of Cambridge pub near Farnham where you will be treated to music from a couple of bands, climaxing with a 45min set by our very own Woodcut Process. Apparently they had a rehearsal yesterday and it's starting to sound pretty good (so they say)!


28 July 09. Abbalicious!... More details of the intriguing Phantom spin off project taking place on Sat 22nd Aug here. It's got to be worth a drive to Bishop's Stortford just for the chance to see Abbalicious, let alone the bonus of a couple of aged Phantoms!
Pholk Music!... Talking of Phantom spin off's, The Woodcut Process will be appearing at the Duke pub in Farnham on Thursday 27th August and again at NPL in Teddington on Friday 4th September. Go see them!
Phant Action... With all these side projects on the go you may be thinking that things are a bit quiet at Phantom Central at present! Au contraire Blackadder! The boys are hard at it mastering the back catalogue (and a couple of new surprises) are are looking forward to the band's scheduled return to the Grey Horse later in the year. If you haven't put Saturday 5th December in your diary yet - do it now!


23 July 09. The Traveller!!... It's another couple of entries in the Phar Away Phan T-Shirt Competition from possibly the most travelled Phantom t-shirt. Apparently these pics would have been submitted sooner but he couldn't work out how to get the pictures off his camera! Idiot!


14 July 09. Camera Shy!... As promised, photos of the Phants gig last month are now available on the gig#41 page. If any Phans took any more pics of this gig please send them into Phantom Central. Ta.


30 June 09. Glasto Celebrity Stalkers... The celebs were fighting over each other to get their photo taking with Al Phantom whilst he was wandering around the Glastonbury Festival site last weekend. Check out the results here.


15 June 09. The Boys are Back in Town!... Last weekend saw the welcome return of Phelthams phinest covers band! Read all about the Phants comeback on the gig#41 page. Pictures (and video!) to follow soon!
Are You The Caterers?... The Phantoms are back on Facebook! Apologies for the delay in service! As you know, we have been a bit absent both on & off line in recent months but the Phants Phan Group is now back! Check it out here. Write on our Wall or RSVP on our Events page! Nothing too rude please!
Moonlighting Phantoms!... If you happen to find yourself in the
in Bishops Stortford area (where the hell is that?) on Sat 22nd Aug keep your eyes peeled for a couple of familiar faces playing at the local music festival! More info to follow...


11 June 09. Return of the Phants!... Having dusted off a handful of Phantom classics & with a final rehearsal under our belts, the new look band are looking forward to seeing you all at tomorrows comeback gig! More details on the gig#41 page.


29 May 09. Tree Rot!... With all the recent comings & goings the Phantoms family tree was looking a bit out of date! Fully updated story here.
Exclusive Phant Gig!... The new look Phantom line up have been hard at it for the last month or so and now have just enough songs up our sleeves to unleash to a small invite only audience at Phantom Central in 2 weeks time. Phantastic!


14 April 09. Phantom Swelling!... With Lily now old enough to be left in the car during rehearsals & our own bionic man now completely rebuilt, Paul has decided to dust off his bass & re-enter the arena! Phantastic news! The classic Phantom 6 piece line-up is now fully restored!


8 April 09. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye!... Well, it’s been a turbulent few months in Phant camp and it’s all change at Phantom central! I’m afraid to say that due to long term ill health reasons it looks like Brian will not be returning for the foreseeable future. We all hope he overcomes his issues and at some stage can return to the fold. The door is always open Bri. As if this isn’t shock news enough, our other long term guitarist Simon has decided to hang up his plectrum after 9 years with the band. Apparently building your own house/boat takes up quite a bit of time! On behalf of the remaining Phantoms I would like to say a massive thank you to both. We’ve had some awesome times together and without either of you there would never have been a Phantoms in the first place! So what now? After a brief spell contemplating if drum & bass is the way forward we decided that we needed to enlist the assistance of a couple of crack guitarists ASAP & I’m pleased to announce that we’ve found some! Whilst simultaneously folking around with his original band the ‘Woodcut Process’, Jason Biggs has agreed to trade in his acoustic for an electric & take up the mantle of the Phants new rhythm guitarist. Also returning from Manchester especially for the gig (not really!), Kevin Rogers (previously with fellow Pheltham band ‘Ruffcut’) will be taking up the lead guitarist’s vacant axe. The new look Phantoms will be hitting the rehearsal room hard over the next few months and hope to be in a position to inflict our usual brand of indie punk rock mayhem at a venue near you soon (as long as you live in Kingston!). Long live the Phantoms.
Technical Difficulties!... Sorry, but the Phants internet site is still unavailable! Like guitarists, I hope to get this replaced very soon & back in action! Watch this space.


26 January 09. Put 50p in the Meter!... Apologies to Phans who like to follow the adventures of the band on Normal service will be resumed as soon as we get some small change!


14 January 09. Happy New Year!... HNY from all the Phantoms. Hope you all had a great Christmas.
Gig Pix… As promised, the pics from our final gig of the year are now available in the gigs section on the gig#40 page. Eagerly awaited video footage to follow soon!
Phants Live in 09… Currently the Phants only have one date in the diary (see gigs section for details) but plan to sort out more sometime soon! All additional dates will be advertised here at Phant Central so watch this space…
Phar & Wide!... Little Bri has been very busy over the Christmas period! Check out part 2, part 3 & part 4 of his latest travels! He's even had a book published! Wow!
Get Well Soon!... Unfortunately Keith, who plays bass for the Phants support band 'Fit For Purpose' suffered a mild stroke at the end of last year. Thankfully his recovery is progressing well and he hopes to be rocking out again very soon. We all wish him well for a speedy recovery.


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