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Phant News... From now on all Phantoms news will ONLY be posted to our FaceBook page 'Are You The Caterers?'. So please head over there, join the club & keep up to date with all the latest happenings at Phantom central. Although we will continue to update the Gigs page on this website so you can see all the upcoming events as well has read all about the gigs you may have missed.


10 Jan 18. Here We Go Again!… Happy New Year Phant Phans! Welcome to 2018!


11 Dec 17. Rockaoke Phantoms!… Ever wanted to sing with a rock band? Well, this weekend the lucky few got their chance. Thanks to a last minute booking & the unavailability of the Phantoms (ph)ront man it was the big opportunity to take to the stage with Feltham's finest covers band. Read all about our adventures in the frozen North on the Gig#87 page (including pics & link to video clip).
Phantom Milestone... It was only after the event that the boys realised that Blur's Song 2 ( the second from last song played at the recent Wyton gig) was the bands groundbreaking 2000th live song performed since the formation of the band! Well done Phantoms.
Happy Phantmas... So that's another year done! Have a great Christmas & new year and look forward to seeing you all again in 2018. Note a few events already on the Gigs page for next year. x


4 Dec 17. Merry Phantmas!… Read all about the Phantom festive fun at the General Roy over the weekend on the Gig#86 page. Inc. link to YouTube video of the best bits on the night.


12 Nov 17. And so it begins… Get the festive season off to a flying start with this free delivery promo in the Phantoms shop between 14–19 Nov. Just use Coupon code: JOY2017 at the checkout.
Ho ho ho… and talking of xmas, hope you can join the Phantoms at their annual Christmas gig at the General Roy. Details on the Gig#86 page.
On the other side… More gig news for 2018. First the good news: I’m pleased to say the Phantoms have been booked by the Ramsay Arts Festival to appear at the Drill Hall in Ramsay as part of their live Rock & Indie night on Sat 14 April 18. Now the bad news (if you live in London): Ramsey is 100 miles away up the M1! Call yourself a hardcore Phan? Well see you there then!


5 Nov 17. A Graveyard Smash… Read all about the Phantoms latest live appearance at FeltSHOCK17 on the Gig#85 page. Includes link to YouTube video montage of all (both!) the new covers. Pics to follow soon.


20 Oct 17. Severe Weather Warning!... Wonder if imminent Storm Brian is going to be as tempestuous as the Brian we all remember?


3 Oct 17. Latest news from Phantom Central… With the Phantoms busy right now rehearsing for both a Halloween/fireworks themed gig & an xmas themed gig you can imagine there's a bizarre mix of songs rattling around in Phantom central at the moment. Looking forward to unleashing them to you all sometime soon.




24 Jul 17. “When I Wanted Sunshine, I Got Rain”... The rain may have put an end to the garden bit but couldn't stop the party! Read all about events at the General Roy Garden Party on the Gig#84 page. Includes link to YouTube video montage. Pics to follow. See you back at the Roy in December.


9 Jul 17. Tug-a-Phantom… Is there no end to these boys talents? Musicians AND top athletes. Last (Ph)riday saw your fav covers band swap their instruments for the rope as 'Tug-a-Phantom' pulled their way to a silver medal at the illustrious DSRA games (with a little help from Julie, Chris & Callum). Thanks guys. You should have seen the size of the team that won!
Summer Phantoms... Next stop, the General Roy beer garden where the boys plan to unveil a brand new David Guetta cover. How exciting. See the Gig#84 page for more details & look forward to seeing you soon.


10 Jun 17. Kings of Pheltham… Last year Phantom Al was on crutches & Phantom Gibbo was pissed! So what happened this time round? All is revealed on the Gig#83 page. Includes links to YouTube video clips. Photos to follow.


24 May 17. Feltstock IV… The wait is nearly over! Just over a month to go now till the Phantoms are let loose for the first time this year with a ton of new songs that need an airing (see the Gigs page for more details).
Breaking news!... Phantoms confirmed to headline the General Roy Garden Party on Sat 22 July. Fantastic!


4 Apr 17. We're Still Here!… Apologies for the recent lack of posts. But never fear! The band are still here and hard at work in the rehearsal room. Actually, with all this prolonged practice we are actually starting to sound quite professional! And our new 'Britpop medley' is sounding fantastic (if we do say so ourselves)!
Addicted to Phants!... And here's a sneak preview!


5 Jan 17. Welcome back!… The boys are currently hatching plans for the year ahead. New songs to learn have been agreed and the bands gig schedule is slowly taking shape (see the Gigs page for a sneak preview of Phantom things to come).
Not Socks Again?... Don't worry if you didn't get what you were hinting at over the (ph)estive season. There's still a few of this years must have xmas presents left on Amazon!


7 Dec 16. Phanty Claus is coming to town… Read all about the Phantoms Christmas climax to 2016 on the Gig#82 page. Inc. pics & videos.
(Ph)airie on the Tree … Not that you needed it but here's proof that Nov is definitely NOT the coolest Phantom! Xmas jumpers & ukuleles! Oh dear.
Record Breakers… With 7 gigs played in total, 2016 was a record equaling year for the Phantoms matching our previous best in 2013. Over the 12 months we played 192 live songs, made up of 62 different covers, inc. 6 brand new ones. Massive thanks to all of you that joined us at one or more of those gigs. Have a great Christmas & new year and look forward to seeing you again in 2017 for more of the same. x


7 Nov 16. (Ph)eltSHOCK… Read all about the Phantoms (& phriends) explosive performance at FeltSHOCK 2016, on the Gig#81 page (inc. links to video's). Pics to follow - if we can find anyone that took any!
Cat in the Hat... Last chance to see you fav. covers band this year at the General Roy in December, details on the Gig#82 page.


25 Oct 16. (Ph)right Night… Fantastic rehearsal tonight. All sounding good for our upcoming fireworks gig on 4th Nov. Hope you can join us.


4 Oct 16. New Songs… The Phantoms have been uncharacteristically productive over the last few weeks adding an amazing 7 brand new songs to the mix for the remaining gigs over the rest of the year. As well as that a couple of very old Phant favs not played since Jase & Kev joined the band have been dusted off & given a new lease of life. Looking forward to giving this lot an airing over the coming months. How exciting!


3 Sept 16. Felltham’s Other Band… The Phantoms should be next in line for a blue plaque then, click here.
Old (Ph)riends… Today I will mostly be remembering Phantom Brian who sadly died on this day back in 2009. Gone but certainly never forgotten!


22 Aug 16. I Bet You Look Good on the Grass… Phantoms chuck away their electric guitars for some acoustic fun in the sun, along with mates Op Acoustic. Read all about it on the gig#80 page.


24 July 16. Lounge Phantoms Rehearsal. Here’s a sneeky peek behind the scenes with the Lounge Phantoms in the rehearsal studio. A rare insight into the glamour of being in a cheesy (acoustic) covers band!


10 July 16. I.D.O.L… Check out new & upcoming band I.D.O.L. (Phantoms Al works with their guitarist 'Benny'). They claim to make 'pop music that resonates with eras gone by'. Sounds like early Vince Clarke era Depeche Mode to me.


4 July 16. Phantoms Garden Party… Not quite how we imagined it due to the inclement weather! Read all about the bands recent gig at the Royal Oak on the gig#79 page (inc. pics & video).
Punk unplugged!... The Phantoms are now throwing away their electric guitars in preparation for the next all acoustic gig in August! See ‘Gigs’ page (link in top menu) for more details. With support from ‘Op Acoustic’.


26 June 16. Tug a Phantom!... Phantoms (& special guests) entertain the athletes at Bath Uni. See the gig#78 page for full write up (inc. pics & video).
Ukulele Dave… Here's a montage of the best bits of the Phantoms recent performance at Feltstock3. Stay tuned for a great cameo from Ukulele Dave at the end!


22 Jun 16. Roy Gig Off! ... Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm afraid to say that the Phantoms will no longer be playing at the General Roy on 30 July! Shame as the gig poster was really good & we had even learnt a Blues Brothers cover especially! Oh well.


12 Jun 16. Phestival Phever! ... Read all about the Phantoms (& phriends) exploits at the brilliant Feltstock3 Music Festival on the Gig#77 page (plus pics & video).
Sporty Phants... And we will do it all over again at Bath Uni in just under 2 weeks time! See the Gig#78 page.


17 Apr 16. Relax... Phantoms in modern cover shock plus the unexpected & rarely heard vocal talents of Big Kev. Read all about the band’s first gig of 2016 on the Gig#76 page (plus pics & video).


11 Apr 16. First Gig of the Year... The band finally get 2016 underway at the Royal Oak in Hampton this Saturday. See gigs section for details & hope you can join us.
Phantoms megamix!... Check out the best of the acoustic Lounge Phantoms on YouTube here. 11 songs in 11 mins, Phantom gold (apart from our bass players trousers)!
Blues Phantoms... Gigs section now fully updated with details of all the our planned gigs for 2016.


14 Mar 16. General Roy... Another gig date has just been confirmed at the General Roy in Feltham. Put Sat 30 July in your diary. For the old skool Phant Phans, you will be pleased to hear that this gig will be featuring our original bass player Paul back on stage with the band for the evening. Always pleasing.
Time Out ...
This weeks Time Out mag has a review of the Phantoms old hangout, the Grey Horse in Kingston. Here's how the article begins... "The Grey Horse in Kingston long had a reputation for entertaining shaggy haired, bearded men, supping on foaming ales, while live prog rock bands took them back to their uni days a few decades before. It was a sort of 70's throwback - which is exactly why it closed down at the end of summer 2014." The Phantoms - Prog Rock!!


15 Feb 16. Here We Go Again... Apologies for the stony silence over the last few months but the band have been busy behind the scene's hatching plans for 2016. So far we've arranged a load of gig dates for your future listening pleasure (!) on the Gigs page (see top menu), we've been working hard on some great new loud electric covers that are already showing promise and on top of all that the 'Lounge Phantoms' acoustic set continues to progress well (just need to find a suitable occasion to reveal our softer side to the public)! How exciting!


11 Dec 15. Shoot it in the Right Direction!... Huge thanks to all of you that packed the General Roy to the rafters for the Phantoms traditional curtain raiser to the Xmas frivolities. Details/pics/vids on the Gig#75 page. It was a great end to a great year.
THANK YOU!… On behalf of all the band, massive thanks for all your support over the last 12 months, hope you all have a great xmas & new year & look forward to seeing you all at what is already shaping up to be a busy 2016 in Phantomland!


12 Nov 15. Back In Time… Back in 2002 the Phantoms won the inaugural CSSC Battle of the Bands competition. As they never ran it again we have had the honour of officially being the 'best band in the Civil Service' for the last 13 years running! Well, all that could be about to change as rumour has it, the CSSC Battle of the Bands could be due to return sometime in 2016. But worry not, we will be all out to defend our crown! Anyhoo, here's a nice reminder of us winning the competition all those years ago. We all look so young!
We Will Rock You… In this months Q mag Roger Taylor makes the following quote... "We don't work without an outrageously camp singer. It's our magic ingredient!" So, The Phantoms have a lot in common with Queen then!
Phantoms Maximum Break... With 2 brand new covers ready to unleash at the next gig, that brings us to a total of 147 different songs played live over the years. Sadly we will only have time for about 30 of them at the General Roy. See you soon.


8 Nov 15. Horror Show!... A ‘Nightmare on Elmwood Avenue’? Quite the opposite! Read all about the spectacular events on the Gig#74 page (inc. pics & video). Also first time the band has played in a nursery! Making it look child's play!
Last Chance Saloon!... Well the General Roy Pub actually. Hope you can join us in just under a months time for the Phants (ph)inal gig of 2015 & the bands traditional start to the phestivities. Merry Phantmas everybody! See Gig#75 page.
Phat Bottomed Girls!... Believe it or not but The Phantoms have been approached by one of the organisers of a Freddie Mercury tribute concert, due to take place in Feltham in July of next year. Yes, really! Apparently the organisers are also in contact with Brian May! How exciting! We better get learning some Queen songs! Or Brian May's Badger song!
The (Ph)uture’s Bright!... With not only the above Freddie gig on the cards, there’s also a possibility that your phav covers band may be making a summer festival appearance up t’North (well Buckden in Cambridgeshire)! Watch this space!


22 Oct 15. Show us your Chopper!... Where’s Johnny? well, Cambridge. But thankfully the rest of the Phantoms with ex-Phantom Paul on bass were at the Royal Oak in Hampton! ‘Come out, come out, wherever you are’… and the Phans did, to see the Phantoms plus support band Chopper Squad have a fine old time. Well they do say that ‘all work and no play makes the Phants dull boys’. Right, that’s more than enough Shining movie quotes. Read all about the gig on the Gig#73 page (inc. pics & video's).
I Just Can't Get Enough!... Don't worry if you missed the band at the Royal Oak recently. You still have two more chances to catch you fav covers band over the next few months. See the above Gigs link for the all important dates.


22 Oct 15. Op Acoustic… Plucked from the cream of the local bands, it's Feltham's first super group, Op Acoustic. West London's latest sensation in laid back, acoustic sonic ambiance! You should recognise at least one of them! Follow them on FaceBook here. Hopefully coming to a gastro pub near you in 2016.
Treat... or treat?...
Our Halloween treat to you: free delivery on all orders of £30 or more in the Phantoms shop between 26–29 Oct 15. Just enter Coupon Code: 30FREESHIP. See 'Shop' link in above menu.


6 Oct 15. Wheeeeere’s Johnny!... Good news! If you are struggling to wait till November to see your phav covers band, an extra gig has just been announced at the Royal Oak in Hampton on Fri 23 Oct! See the Gig#73 page for more details. With the band’s regular bassist unavailable we are again very pleased to be assisted on this occasion by ex-Phantom Paul. “Come and play with us Paul. Forever… and ever… and ever”. With support from Chopper Squad.
Phantoms Say Relax!... New Phants Relax t-shirt & Ltd. Ed. Kitten Kong Tee now available in the Phantoms shop (see 'Shop' link in above menu)! Also there's a ‘£5 off any order of £30 or more’ promotion in the shop next week. Nice.
Run Time: 7–13 October, 2015
Coupon Code: FALLFIVE
Cannot be used with any other discounts or codes. Happy shopping!


1 Sept 15. Phireworks… Here's the provisional evenings running order for the Phants gig on 6th Nov (see the Gig#74 page):
4.30-4.50PM - The DGC Choir
5.00-6.00 - Chopper Squad
6.00-8.00 - Fireworks display on field (fireworks start at 7PM)
8.15-9.00 - Fused
9.15-10.00 - The Phantoms (with ex-Phantom Paul on bass)!
10.15-11.00 - Orangutan Thumb
Bar all night, bbq & hot drinks available during fireworks. Ticket details to follow.


18 Aug 15. Phants Outed!… Not sure many of you would have recognised the usual cool indie punk loving Phantoms at rehearsal tonight! With our lead singer adorned in skin tight lycra shorts throughout, the band proceeded to re-learn the song ‘Gay Bar’ by The Electric Six. With that mastered, and as if things weren’t camp enough, we stepped it up a notch & proceeded to learn new 80s classic cover, ‘Relax’ by Frankie! Jason belting out the lyrics “Relax, don't do it, when you want to cum” with gay abandon! Anyone would think we are looking for a gig at ‘Heaven’, not the General Roy!


17 Aug 15. Merry Phantmas!... Pleased to finally say that the General Roy in lovely Feltham has now been confirmed as the venue for the Phantoms traditional annual xmas gig on Sat 5th December. Hooray! Further details on the Gig#75 page.
Sounds Good!... Check out lovely new website of the Phantoms fav sound engineer. Book him. He's good
The Cheques in the Post!... "...walking in just as they began their first set. And a corker it was too. I was unexpectedly blown away by a really deep sound and a great set of tunes". Read this fantastic review from our last live appearance at the Royal Oak on Chops Gig Blog. Nice one Chopper!


10 Aug 15. Phantoms Get Hot & Sticky!... Check out all the action at the Phantoms recent appearance at the Royal Oak in Hampton on the Gig#72 page (inc. pics).


3 Aug 15. *King Phantoms!... Final rehearsal in the bag. Hope you can join us at our next gig on Friday! More details on the Gig#72 page.


29 Jun 15. And it's all yellow!... Or was it a gold for the Phantoms! Read all about the bands recent adventures at Bath University on the Gig#71 page.


6 Jun 15. Life in a Northern(ish) Town!... Recently returned back from an epic rehearsal 'up North' with Jon Phantom. The band are sounding great (mostly!) & are looking forward to unleashing the return of the Phantoms Jukebox in just under 3 weeks time at Bath Uni. Hope you can join us.
Who's Queen?... Also just been down the Royal Oak where Wendy the landlady chose the setlist for our next gig there in August. So, if you don't like what we play on the night, you will need to take it up with her!


16 May 15. By Royal Appointment!... They asked us back! Pleased to announce that the Phantoms will be back at the Royal Oak on Fri 7th Aug. Details on the Gig#72 page.


27 Apr 15. Video Evidence!... Yes, folky Phantom Jase really was caught on camera rapping at the bands last gig! Who saw that coming? Check out the videos of the new songs on the Set#70 page! If you had your VW badge nicked in the car park you now know who it was!


26 Apr 15. “It’s The Phan-Tom-Boys!”... New year, new venue. Read all about the Phantoms fantastic first live outing of the year at the Royal Oak in Hampton on the Gig#70 page, including photo gallery. Videos to follow soon.
Happy birthday to you… and happy birthday to Phantom Jase, 35 today!


15 Apr 15. Royal Variety Performance... With less than 2 weeks till the band's next gig, the Phantoms are storming through rehearsals with 4 brand new songs sounding great & looking forward to our first outing of the year at new venue, the Royal Oak in Hampton. See the Gigs page for more details. Hope to see you soon!
Early Birds... Just noticed this page on the Royal Oak website. Had no idea there was a £2 entry fee if you show up after 9PM at our gig next Saturday. So, good reason to get there early!
Phantoms Pussy... You know what your desktop needs, it's the Phantoms 'kitten kong' wallpaper. Download here.
Fused... Check out friends of the Phantoms, 'Fused' new website here. Nice.


15 Feb 15. New Year, New Venue!... 2015 here we come! The band are now back in rehearsal trying out some brand new covers to master(?) over the coming months which we hope to unleash to you over the course of the year. See the Gigs page for the dates arranged so far. More to follow so watch this space...


24 Dec 14. Merry Phantmas!... Happy Christmas from the Phantoms. x

   Merry Phantmas


23 Dec 14. Phanto Season... Santa hats, 7 dwarfs & special guests aplenty. Read all about the Phantoms emotional phinal appearance at the Grey Horse in Kingston on the Gig#69 page. Inc lots of lovely pics & videos.
What did you say?... Check out all your comments on our recently updated quotes page.
Hate Christmas shopping?... Well, do it online! Brand new t-shirt designs added to Phantoms shop just in time for xmas!
Phanty Claus is Coming to Town!... Huge thanks to all of you that have come along & supported the band over the last 12 months. We look forward to seeing you again sometime/somewhere in 2015 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! x


11 Nov 14. Mini Minion Invasion!... Pics & video's from the bands recent gig are now available from the Gig#68 page. Happy viewing.


9 Nov 14. Back from the grave!... Read all about the resurrection of the Phants old bass player at the recent return of the FeltSHOCK Halloween/Fireworks music festival. See Gig#68 page. Photos & videos to follow soon.
End of an era?... Hope you can join the band in 4 weeks time for what may well be our 23rd & phinal appearance at our fav venue! Lots of special guests planned just in case! Promises to be a very special night. See the Gig#69 page for details.


12 Oct 14. ‘A right old racket!’... Here's some great feedback on the Phantoms recent Angelfield fest from Bri's co-songwriter Mike Afford... “Great stuff! ‘All I Know’ gave me goosebumps, and ‘Exhibit #1’ was a right old racket - which is as it should be..! Most pleasing!” Vids from the night on YouTube here: The Phantoms, Ironbridge / The Phantoms, Caractacus Stone / The Phantoms, All I Know / The Phantoms, Exhibit#1 / Beautiful Losers, Freefall / Mere Trix, Don't Fear the Reaper.
Rock Lobsters!… We wait over 2 years for our band studio portrait to be delivered, and when it finally arrives, we're pink!

  Rock Lobsters!


5 Oct 14. Exhibit#1... Thanks to Mere Trix & The Beautiful Losers for joining the Phantoms (old & new) at the celebration of ex band mate Brian's music yesterday and also a huge thanks to all of you that came along, raised a glass (or two!) to our departed friend and enjoyed hearing his songs once again! Pleasing. Pics now on the Gig#67 page. Vids to follow as soon as I can find a USB cable that fits a Panasonic HC-V700!
Marathon Man!...
Huge congratulations to Jase Phantom in finishing the Berlin Marathon last week! He is now officially the phitest Phantom ever!


4 Sept 14. Phantastic!... Lots of exciting Phantom news! Not only will ex-Phantoms Helen & Paul both be joining the current line-up at the Grey Horse on 4th Oct to remember our good mate Brian, but Paul will also be joining the band on bass duties to play at the ‘Halloween’ gig after the fireworks on Fri 7 Nov. And if that’s not enough for you, you can catch the band for the phinal time this year at their annual xmas extravaganza on Sat 6 Dec where we will be joined on stage by not only a very special guest drummer, but hopefully a full choir too! How exciting! See the gigs section for further details.


3 Sept 14. Today in Phantom History… Sadly marks the death of our good friend & former band member, Brian Spencer (2009). Gone but definitely not forgotten. x



25 Aug 14. Adventures of Phantom Al…  Firstly, seeing double? No, it's Phantom Al and a Phantom! Then Phantom Al joins comedian Rob Deering on stage at the Edinburgh Festival! Nice.



8 July 14. Today in Phantom History… It's a bumper Phantom birthday day! Ex-Phantom Colin was born on this day (19??) as well as current Phantom Nov (1962). Happy birthday!
Mike Afford Media... See how the professionals do it! Check out the great new gig poster for Bri's upcoming gig designed by his Ex-Angelfield band member on the 'poster' link on the Gig#67 page. Thanks Mike. 'Pleasing' as Brian would say!
Back from the Grave!... FeltSHOCK 2 is back. The Phantoms (plus fellow stable mates Fused & the Mighty Shed) return to entertain after the Feltham fireworks! Free entry, fancy dress encouraged! Fireworks at 7PM, bands 8PM onwards. More details to follow in due course. See the Gig#68 page for the date & details so far.


4 July 14. Imposters?... Was there another band called The Phantoms playing at DSRA Sports Day at Bath Uni last Friday? We've had some feedback from the organisers and here's what they had to say: “One of the biggest positives from the day (and there were many) were The Phantoms. Organised, self-sufficient, relaxed, positive and very entertaining.”
Phantom by numbers... 5 Phantoms, 66 gigs over 14 years, 135 different songs played live a total of 1430 times! Statastic!


29 June 14. We're Going Home, We're Going, England's Going Home... Read all about the Phantoms unveiling their 'Jukebox' at DSRA Sports Day, Bath University on the Gig#66 page. The band delivered a marathon like performance with 3 epic sets of about 45 songs over 3.5 hours to the 1400 competitors in attendance. A great day was had by all (despite the best attempts of the weather)! Also includes pics plus a bonus video!


28 June 14. Today In Phantom History... Happy Birthday Phantoms! So who’d of though it? 14 years ago this very day the Phantoms played their first ever gig at the Feltham ‘Marquee’ (2000).


7 June 14. Unleash the Jukebox!... With the latest batch of new songs rehearsed and ready to go & The Phantoms first gig of the year is now only 3 weeks away! Hope some of you will be able to join us on our trip to Bath. More details on the Gig#66 page or the bands Facebook event page here.


28 May 14. Today In Phantom History... Sadly marks the anniversary of the death of former band member Colin ‘Knobs’ Hills (2012). He was normally happy hiding away behind the mixing desk but here's a very rare pic of him up front on stage with the Phantoms taken back in June 02...



12 March 14. Time Machine!... Thanks to phant Phan Chris for recently unearthing some great early footage of the band. Happy memories of our dear mate Brian. Firstly here he is at the Cock Pit in Kingston singing ‘Yellow’ in July 2004. Next up it’s more great early footage recently discovered in the bottom of Phant Phan Chris’s sock drawer, this time from November 04. Capturing an amusing moment when our lead singer mentions ‘this is one of our favourite songs' just before the band proceed to forget how to play it! Classic. I can’t think of a better way to spend the next 34 minutes…
School of Rock!... Great news! The Phantoms have just been offered a prestigious gig at Bath University this Summer (27 June). Seems like an ideal opportunity to try out an idea we have had knocking around for a while - 'The Phantom Jukebox, you request it, we'll play it!' (Within reason!) More details on the Gig#66 page.
Hey Newton!... Plans are ongoing for the gig in October celebrating ex Phantom Brian Spencer’s music. An evening of interpretations of Angelfield classics & Bri’s fav covers will be performed by bands & artists that all had some sort of connection to him. So far the line-up will feature members & ex-members of Angelfied, The Phantoms & The Beautiful Losers, with hopefully more to be confirmed. A date not to be missed! See the Gig#67 page for more details.
Phantom Nation!... With Septembers referendum rapidly approaching can all Phantoms Phans start having a hard think about whether you really want independence for Phantom Central?


8 January 14. Hog Roast Boy!... The date & venue of the hotly anticipated Brian Spencer Memorial Gig has now been confirmed for Sat 4th October (to coincide with his birthday) at the Grey Horse in Kingston. More details to follow in due course.
Feltham Light & Power... In the mean time, if you want a reminder of the man's music, have a listen here ( or search for Angelfield in the iTunes store.


5 January 14. HNY!... Well, hello 2014.


14 December 13. Alley Cat Action!... Pics & report from the Phantoms phinal appearance of the year now on the gig Gig#65 page.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!... Huge thanks to all of you that have come along & supported the band during 2013. We look forward to hopefully seeing you again sometime/somewhere in 2014! Talking of which...
What's That Coming Over The Hill?... So what is there to look forward to next year. Well, as 2014 marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Brian Spencer, we are currently hatching plans for a memorial gig to celebrate the man & his music. Featuring bands/musicians with a connection to Bri playing his songs or the music he loved. Venue will either be the Grey Horse in Kingston or the
Half Moon in Putney with the provisional date being set for Sat 30 Aug 14 (TBC). The current Phantoms will obviously be involved but there's even rumours of the original line-up re-forming especially for this occasion plus maybe even an Angelfield reunion! How exciting! Watch this space.


9 December 13. Phantoms Get Lucky!... Pics & write up from one of the bands best gigs in recent memory at the Grey Horse this weekend on the Gig#64 page.
AlleyPhants!... Phinal chance to see the Phantoms this year at the Alley Cat Club in Denmark St on Thursday night (only 3 days time)! See the Gig#65 page for details or the Facebook event page.


3 December 13. Brokeback Phantoms!... Better late then never! The eagerly awaited pics of the cowboy Phantoms are now available via the Gig#62 page. Yee hah!
Kick Off to Christmas!... The phinal phestive rehearsal is in the bag, all is sounding great & the band are looking forward to kicking off xmas this Saturday. Hope you can all join us. See the Gig#64 page for details. Christmas songs, Christmas hats & Christmas jumpers promised! Ho ho ho.
Take Two!... And you last chance to see the band live in 2013 will be supporting JB & The Wolfmen at the Alley Cat Club, beneath the fabled Regent Sound Studios, 4 Denmark Street on 12 Dec. More info on the Gig#65 page.


11 November 13. Phantoms Phiendish Phriends!... Some great pics from the Phants Halloween gig can now be found on the 'Gig Pics' link on the Gig#63 page. Also see the 'Set List' page too for links to a couple of amusing videos from the night!


10 November 13. Lets Do The Time Warp Again!... The spooky goings on from the Phantoms recent appearance at FeltSHOCK can now be found on the Gig#63 page, if you dare! Pics to follow soon.


3 November 13. Who Shot The Sheriff?... Read all about the Phantoms brilliant Wild West adventure on Gig#62 page. Pics to follow soon. Thankfully much more dressing up antics in only a few days time!


27 October 13. Yee Ha!... The phancy dress loving Phantoms will soon be pulling on their chaps, cracking the whip (but hopefully not looking too much like extras from Brokeback Mountain!) for the select few at their next invite only private gig in a few days time (see Gig#62 page), but fear not, the masses will also soon have their chance to hear all the great new songs the band have recently added to the cannon...
Guy Phawkes!... The bands next public appearance will be after the Pheltham Phireworks, inc. 4 live bands, a f
irework display, halloween fancy dress, face painting, bar, bbq & horrific home brew stall! If you show up between 6 & 7PM for the Fireworks there will be someone on the gate to take your entry money & let you in. If you turn up later (after 7PM) just for the gig, it will be free to get in but you will need to arrange to be met at the gate by a site pass holder. Therefore the best solution all round would be for everyone coming to the gig to also come to the Fireworks beforehand!
Line-up & timings as follows:
18.00 - Gates open, 19.00 - Firework display,
20.00-20.30 - The Woodcut Process
20.45-21.15 - The Mighty Shed
21.30-22.00 - The Phantoms
22.15–22.45 – Fused
See the Gig#63 page for more info. And if all that is not enough for you...
Take Two!... After the disappointment of the cancelled date earlier in the year at the historic Alley Cat Club in London's famous Denmark Street, it’s good to announce the gig is finally back on! The Phants final gig of the year (playing support to JB & The Wolfmen) will be on Thur 12 Dec, see the Gig#65 page for more details.


1 September 13. The Blues Brothers?... Photos from the last Phants gig now on the Gig#61 page. Worth a look as you wont see the band that smart very often!
Who You Gonna Call?... Looking forward to seeing you all soon for some Phantom Halloween classics (& bonus Fireworks)! All the details on the Gig#63 page, and get practising your dance moves!


19 August 13. Phantoms Up The Aisle!... Last weekend saw the super smart Phantoms pack out the dance floor at the wedding of Andy & Denise. Congratulations to the happy couple & thanks for letting us share your day! Pics to be published on the Gig#61 page soon (as soon as Uncle Len sends them in)!
Coming To Save Feltham This Halloween!... The band are already hard at it back in rehearsals learning some great new Halloweeny tunes ready for your next chance to see the band. Details on the Gig#63 page.
Life After The Phantoms!... The line-up has now also been confirmed for the bands annual Xmas gig at the Grey Horse in December, with two support acts (The Eclectics plus JB & The Wolfmen) featuring lots of lovely ex-Phantoms!. Details on the Gig#64 page.


6 August 13. What's That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Bridesmaid!... Rehearsals are going blindingly well for the bands next private appearance. But don't worry, straight after that we will be hard at work learning a load of new Halloweeny tunes in preparation for our next public appearance in November! See the Gigs section for details.
Are You The Caterers?... If you haven't done so already, join to the Phantoms Facebook page for loads more info, gossip & personalised invites to all the Phants events! Fantastic.
Phant TV!... As most of you already know, the Phantoms love a map! Here's Phantom Al's recent TV appearance proving just that!...

   It's grim up North!
It's grim up North!


23 July 13. Feltstock2 Pix... See the best of the photos from the recent Feltstock2 Fest, now on the Gig#60 page. Inc. the rare sight of Nov Phantom on lead vocals!
Phantoms in stunning HD!... You can also now check out some videos from the Phantoms opening set at Feltstock2, linked from the setlist page again via the Gig#60 page.
It's just like you were there!
Gibbo, Phone Home!... Did any of you wonder where our lead singer was when the rest of the band were playing at Feltstock? All is revealed...

   Gobbo, phone home!

Seeing Double!... Did you know Big Kev is a twin?...

   Kev & his twin!


1 July 13. Bass player in lead vocal shock!... Read all about how the slimmed down Phantoms kicked off this summer’s most anticipated music festival on the Gig#60 page. And yes, Nov really did take lead vocals on one of the tracks! Photos to follow soon.


16 May 13. Florida Light and Power!... With our lead singers holiday looming, will Bri finally get his wish to be scattered with the Manatees? Lets hope so! Although Gibbo probably needs to be quite careful smuggling what will appear to be a big box of powder through US Customers. Especially as if they were to test Bri's ashes, who knows what illegal substances they may find! Anyhoo, don't let that put you off Gibbo. Good luck. It's what he would have wanted! Pleasing.
Wedding Singers... The Phantoms have just been asked to entertain the guests and happy couple at what will be the bands 4th wedding gig to date in a few months time! Another chance for the select few to see the 'smart' Phantoms in action! Nice.
Feltstock2... Only 5 weeks to go till the main event of the Summer! It's now been sorted out how you can get into the Festival. No tickets will be required. If you are a site pass holder, then no problems. If you are a non-site pass holder then you simply need to be met at the gate by a site pass holder who will escort you in. So, you have just over a month to arrange someone to meet you! BTW, at this years Feltstock we don't need to worry about the weather, although sunshine would be nice! We have a marquee that's twice as big as at our last Festival so if it rains there will be more than enough room for us all (including the marching band) inside. Phew! Timings for the day as follows, so ensure you get there early - you don't want to miss your fav band!:

   3.00-3.30 The Central Band of the RAF
   3.45-4.45 The Phantoms
   5.00-6.00 JB & The Wolfmen
   6.15-7.15 Fused
   7.30-8.30 42nd Street
   8.45-9.45 The Miller Family
   10.00-11.00 The Green Machine


3 April 13. *NEWS FLASH*... I'm afraid to report that the bands scheduled appearance at the Alleycat Club in Denmark Street, London on Thursday 18th April has been postponed! The Phantoms were really looking forward to playing in this historic venue but sadly the other 2 bands we were sharing the bill with have pulled out! We are hoping that this gig can be re-arranged for sometime later in the year. Sorry!


31 March 13. What a Dog!... See how the Phantoms fared in the frozen North at the final gig ever to be held in the Brampton Fountains Club on the Gig#59 page.
Easter Reading... Our drummer has once again been musing on Phant Phan Dave's brilliant blog, Chops Top Fives. Check out part 1 & part 2 of his nostalgic look back in time!


13 March 13. In the Zone!... The Phantoms are well and truly in the zone & looking forward to our first gigs of the year in the coming weeks. Talking of which...
Free Ice Cream!... With the Phantoms foray up North imminent, the Cambridgeshire branch of the Phants Phan Club will be well pleased to see that there's much more than just your fav covers band on offer! See the 'poster' link on the Gig#59 page for more details.


30 January 13. Up Your Alley!... The date has now been confirmed so the first chance for all you London based Phant Phans to see your fav covers band will be on Thursday 18th April 13 at the historic Alleycat Club in London's famous Denmark Street. Loads more details on the Gig#60 page. With our regular bass player unavailable this is also a rare chance for all you old skool Phant Phans to see ex Phantom Paul back on the bass for one night only! And it will be his birthday too!!


17 January 13. Quick, march!... Good news from the organisers of FeltstockII, this Summer's most eagerly awaited music festival. The line-up is now complete with the confirmed addition of The Central Band of the Royal Air Force (the RAF's biggest military marching band) who will be starting the festival off in style. It's also rumoured that their horn section may be joining the Phantoms for our set, so get the date in your diary now & we'll see you on 21st June. Not one to be missed! See the Gig#61 page for more details.


14 January 13. Lucky 13!... Happy New Year all. Here's to a Phant filled 2013! x
Phants Road Trip!... Check out the gigs page for an ever increasing list of chances to see the Phants over the next 12 months, including an imminent rare venture up North especially for the Cambridgeshire branch of the Phants Phan Club!
Phant Divers!... Ever wondered what to do on those long empty months between gigs from your fav covers band? Well how about Phantom scuba diving!!

  Phantom Al spies the Phant Divers Sticker!  Phantom Divers! Phantom Al tries a bit of Phant diving!


19 December 12. Choppers Gigs!... Check out Phant phan Choppers 2012 gig reviews (including 3 visits to see your fav covers band over the year)! Nice one Dave.
Thank you... Thanks again for all your support. We are all now off to put our feet up - have a great xmas & new year and see you all sometime in 2013 (see the 'Gigs' page for next years gig dates).


5 December 12. Festive Phantom Fun!... Head to the gig#58 page to see some pics & video clips from the bands final gig of the year.


2 December 12. Phanta Claus is Coming to K-Town!... Thanks to all of you who (over 100+) that came along to the gig last night. What a cracking start to xmas! Top crowd, top gig, top support band, and we weren't that bad either! Read all about it on the gig#58 page. Pics & vid clips to follow soon.


1 December 12. Phlippin Hell?... I think whoever writes the gig listings on the GH website has got a bit 'phonically' carried away! See what I mean here on the Phantoms gig listing for tomorrows gig! Phabulous!


25 October 12. Phant Stats!... Did you know that over the course of our last 57 gigs, the Phantoms have now performed 1234 songs live. At an average of 3 mins per song, that works out at 61 hrs 42 mins on stage, which equates to a single Phant gig lasting just over two and a half days!!! Phantastic!
Feltstock II... The date for the eagerly awaited return of the Feltstock Music Festival, imaginatively called 'Feltstock II', is now confirmed as Fri 21st June 2013. This time round it promises to be bigger, better AND FREE! Read the latest details including the current confirmed line-up (including your very own Phantoms!) on the Feltstock II gig page.


22 October 12. Phantoms, Wolfmen, Strippers, Toksvig!... Intrigued? Read all about the bands last appearance at the Peel on the gig#57 page.
Full Moon!... If you enjoyed the Wolfmen’s set over the weekend & want more, you can catch them once more this Thursday (25th Oct) at The Alleycat Bar in London’s famous Denmark Street, starting at 7PM, and then all over again supporting the Phantoms at our next gig at the Grey Horse on Sat 1st Dec, more details on the gig#58 page.


13 October 12. The Wait's Nearly Over!... Over the last couple of months the band have been hard at work in rehearsals learning a load of new songs and are looking forward to playing them for you in only 7 days time! Hope you can join us & the brilliant JB & The Wolfmen at the Peel in Kingston. See the gig#57 page for all the details. The Phantoms are on first (so don't be late)!!
Xmas Gig Dilemma!... Our mates bands gigs are like busses! None for a while & then they all come along at once! Which one do we go see on 15th Dec? Will it be Fused at the General Roy in Feltham, 10 O'Clock Curfew at the Upwood Village Hall or The Woodcut Process at the Grey Horse in Kingston? Choices, choices, choices! Just make sure you all go to see us & the Wolfmen on 1st Dec!


12 August 12. Phantom Massive!... The last of the long lost picture galleries (gigs 11 to 15) have now been dusted off and reinstated to their rightful place on the Phants website (see them via the 'Gigs' page). Depicting the final days of the massive 7 piece Phantom line-up.
Rambling Phantoms... Check out the recent guest appearances from two of the Phantoms on Super Phan Dave's brilliant blog, Chops Top Fives.
There can be only one!... Has anyone noticed that Huey Lewis & The News guitarist looks EXACTLY like our old band mate Brian Spencer! See for yourself.


31 July 12. See For Yourself!... Now we have sorted out our video editing software issues you can finally see a selection of clips from the bands last couple of gigs on the See page. Including footage of the previously reported late night sing along from Sandhurst & the highlights from Nov's party gig.
Phant Gig Offer... Get your flyer stamped by the band at the Peel gig in October & get half price entry to the Grey Horse gig in December! Bargain!


18 July 12. Summers Over!... With the Phantoms phantastic Summer party season now over it's time to turn our thoughts to the gigs planned for later in the year & we are already looking forward to seeing you all at either the Peel or the Grey Horse very soon!
Out Progged!... We have unfortunately had to change the date of our gig with the Wolfmen at the Peel in October. Due to the venue now having a 'huge' sell out Prog show planned for our original date (so they say!), we have been bumped to the following Saturday. So the new date is now Sat 20th Oct. Hope you can still make it!


15 July 12. Smug Phantoms!... As promised, the picture galleries from gigs 6 to 10 have once again been lovingly restored & are now available via the 'Gigs' page. Including loads of great memories from the Phants victorious Welsh adventure.
Pic Appeal... Sadly, no pictures from the Phants 8th & 9th gigs are known to exist. A BIG reward is on offer if any Phans can find some pix from either of these events lurking in a dusty corner somewhere!


10 July 12. Play It Again Sam... Photos from the recent Sandhurst gig now up on the gig#55 page. Well worth a look as you may never see the band looking so smart again!


8 July 12 (again!). Dad Rock... As promised, the photo gallery from Nov's birthday gig is now live on the gig#56 page. The eagerly awaited video of the Phants finale to the show may have to wait a bit longer though till I can work out how to get it off the new video camera!


8 July 12. Night Of Confusion!... For all those Phans who were unable to see the band at the exclusive ticket only 50th birthday celebrations of the Phants bass player, read all about what you missed on the gig#56 page. Pix to follow soon.
When Everything's Gone Wrong Somehow!... Having just updated the Sing page I've realised that last night's gig saw the Phantoms reach the impressive milestone of now having played 120 different covers! And what song did we choose to mark this historic occasion? Bloody Genesis!


6 July 12. Musical Youth!... Many moons ago we were forced to remove the first 15 gig galleries due to a lack of space on our web server. That issue has long been resolved and it's high time these pics from the past were seen again. Just imagine it? Nov without chins, Al with brown hair, Gibbo just with hair. Plus lots of nice memories of those no longer with us. The picture galleries from the first 5 gigs are now back up via the 'Gigs' page. Go check em out. Picture galleries for gigs 6 to 15 to follow over the next few weeks!


4 July 12. Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango!... Did the Phants really play Bo Rhap at their gig last week? Find out on the gig#55 page. Pix to follow. If you can't wait, here's a video clip of the evening just to keep you going!


27 June 12. What Did You Say!... Ents24 is a website dedicated to bringing you the easiest way to find events & get tickets (live music, stand-up comedy, festivals, whatever!). It has thousands of venues and ticket suppliers to bring you everything you need on one website. Here’s the link to the Phantoms page on the site where we advertise our gigs. Note the chance to ‘Have Your Say’ & let other fans know what you thought by writing a review of one of our live gigs! Be the first to spread the word of the awesome Phants live experience!
Ugly Mug!...
Ever wanted to slurp out of your phavourite Phantom! Well now you can. Check out the Phants shop for the lovely new range of Phantom mugs, featuring Phantoms old & new! I'm now off for a nice cup of tea!


31 May 12. Phree!... To celebrate international t-shirt day (yes, really!) on 21 June you can get free postage on all orders at the Phants shop, with NO minimum order value! Just enter voucher code T-DAY2012 at the checkout. Happy international t-shirt day!
Phworr!... Stumbled across this vid on Youtube whilst doing some research for the new Phants gig poster at the Peel. ‘That’s what I call a show’!
Phants Live!...
Talking of gigs, check out the updated 'Gigs' page for all the opportunities to see the band over the remainder of the year. Hope to see you at one (or all!) of them.


30 May 12. Sad News… Old Phantom Phans will be saddened to learn that ex band member Colin Hills passed away peacefully on 28 May after a short illness. ‘Knobs’ was an original member of the band and for the first 2 years was the Phantoms technical wizard on the sound desk, even making a rare appearance on stage once playing guitar. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. Funeral details are not yet known. See Colin’s bio page for a nice pic of him twiddling his knobs way back at the Phants 3rd gig in June 2001.


26 March 12. When Al Was Phab!... Check out Phantom Al’s guest appearance with the Cave Dwellers at Liverpool’s historic Cavern Club, yes, THE Cavern Club, on the See’ page (scroll right to the bottom). Phab!
Scan Me!...
At last, a great excuse to take pictures of the lady Phant Phans chests! Obviously they will have needed to have purchased the latest t-shirt design from the Phants store!


21 March 12. Back In Time!... Ever wondered what decade has been most plundered by the Phantoms? Well wonder no more (obviously it's not the current one)! Check out the new look sing page which now shows all the 117 (so far) Phant covers played over the years sorted by decade.


11 March 12. Name Up In Lights!... The band enjoyed their debut appearance at The Peel in Kingston last night alongside our mates Fused + JB & The Wolfmen. Check out the gig#54 page for a write up of events, plus some pics & videos!


6 March 12. Spring Has Sprung!... Sort out your wardrobe and get into the swing of spring! Get £10 off all orders over £50 in the Phantoms store before 19th March! Just use voucher code SPRING2012.


29 February 12. 10 Days & Counting!... The Phantoms first appearance of the year will soon be upon us! The band are well rehearsed & sounding good with a couple of top new songs all ready to go! Hope you can join us along with Fused and JB & The Wolfmen for what promises to be a great night. More on the gig#54 page or the Peel website.
Alfie Moon!... Talking of the Peel, look who is playing at The Peel the night before us. Click here to find out! Weird
Most Pleasing… For those of you that fondly remember the Phants ex Guitarist Brian, here's a date for your diaries! The third (third!) annual Brian Spencer Memorial chase will be taking place at Plumpton Racecourse this year on Sunday 23rd September. Hope to see some of you there again. Pleasing... as Bri would have said.
29th Feb!...
Oh, and happy leap day by the way!


8 February 12. More Bands For Your Buck!... Local band Fused have now joined the great line-up for the Phants gig at the Peel on 10/3. Doors open at 7.30, Fused on at 8, Wolfmen at 9, Phantoms at 10. More on the gig#54 page.


24 January 12. New Year, New Venue!... GIG ALERT! The Phantoms + JB & The Wolfmen will be kicking off 2012 at the Peel in Kingston on Sat 10th March. See the gig#54 page for more details. Hope you can join us all for what promises to be a really great night. The after show party next door should be memorable too!


20 January 12. The Phants Love You!... As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, from January 24th until February 7th you can get 10% off everything red in the Phants shop! Just use coupon code RED2012. Happy Valentines Day from all the band!


11 January 12. Here We Go Again!... Happy new year & welcome to a hopefully Phant philled 2012! Check out the 'Gigs' section of our website for all the Phant dates arranged so far & watch this space for more dates to be added soon. Hope to catch up at a seedy venue near you soon! Hint. If you want an invite to the bands exclusive private party at the Grey Horse on 7th July, you may want to have a quiet word with the birthday boy. How old Nov?
Phantom Hog!... In response to the huge demand from the Phants Shop, we have upped the ante this year and introduced a new line of Phantom merchandise. Phantom motorbike anyone…

  Al rides the Phant hog!  The Phantom motorbike!
Phantom Al rides the Phant hog!


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