Phantom Posters.

Posters made up of all the flyers used to advertise Phantom gigs since the start in Dec 2000. The full size version of the first edition is over 1.2m tall (featuring the flyers from gigs 1 to 36). The second version produced shows the flyers from gig37 to date.

Flyer poster v1      Flyer poster v2

Super new glossy poster with 56 pics of your phavourite band taken over the last 7 years. A must have item for any hard core Phantom Phan!

Phantoms multi pic poster

(Click on the above for an enlarged A4 version - makes great PC wallpaper!)

Limited edition framed widescreen numbered art print (signed by the bands photographer, Paul Baden) depicting the Phantoms in action at the Grey Horse pub in Kingston, December 2006. Only 6 of these were ever produced!

Widescreen Phantoms

The below posters (all now SOLD OUT!) were produced thanks to Alan Bryer who found some free rolls of photo paper when unwrapping his new plotters. They were handed out (or torn off the wall!) during the gig at the Marquee in the Summer of 2001. After Zuhamy Colton got a poster of her favourite Rock Gods, Steve has since reported that he now finds it extremely difficult to 'perform' with a giant poster of us looking down on him from above his bed! Can't say it bothers me!

Phantoms poster #1  Phantoms poster #2

Phantoms poster #3  Phantoms poster #4  Phantoms poster #5