“They’ve been playing here for years & finally got the hang of it!” - The Grey Horse website, Dec 14 gig listing.

“Enjoyed the gig on Saturday loads. My interest in live music has been re-ignited!” - Tony Kite, Dec 14.

“Great stuff! ‘All I Know’ gave me goosebumps, and ‘Exhibit #1’ was a right old racket - which is as it should be..! Most pleasing!” - Mike Afford, co-songwriter of Angelfield, Oct 14.

“One of the biggest positives from the day (and there were many) were The Phantoms. Organised, self-sufficient, relaxed, positive and very entertaining.” - Dom White, organisor of DSRA Sports Day, July 14.

“Thought you guys were great. Very complimentary comments from all those who expressed a preference on the Phantoms. Many thanks again. Really enjoyed the performance. I will definitely look to use you in the future”.
- Maj David Lord, July 12.

It must be nearly Christmas - The Phantoms are here! More madness and mayhem from this great rock covers band. - The Grey Horse website, Dec 08 gig listing.

With reference to the poster for gig#40 - 'Can I have some more posters? My customers keep stealing them!'
Richard, Landlord of the Grey Horse, Nov 08.

Well done, always a good night when the phab phelt'em phants play. See you in '08. - Rich, Landlord of the Grey Horse, 6 Dec 07.

Well done on a crowd rousing set on Saturday. I don’t know how you manage to do a two hour set – amazing!
- Keith Burton, bassist with top Feltham band ‘FFP’, 3 Dec 07.

With reference to the poster for gig#35 - 'You always tease with them don't you. "Is that girl in the band"
is oft asked!' -
Richard, Landlord of the Grey Horse, Sept 07.

‘Are you enjoying it, Auntie Jill’?’ ‘Yes darling, but it's very loud! It's better if I keep a finger in one ear’!
- The Phantoms oldest Phan, 74 year old Auntie Jill at the Grey Horse, 15.9.07.

Came down from Watford to see you guys last night at Grey Horse! What can I say! You lot were bloody excellent! Well worth the trip down, had great time! Brilliant! Will definitely bring a crew down for the next one! Cheers!
- Nikki from the Watford branch of the Phantoms Phan Club, Sept 07.

Thought Saturday was brilliant (as always); we had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one (I know - we must get out more!!!) Looking forward to Dec 1! – Julie & Jim, Sept 07.

Everyone at the wedding was well impressed with your set and Gill and I can't thank you guys enough, it was perfect. Next Phants gig I am buying you all a beer (although don't tell Brian as he will order something ridiculous like a triple ouzo and water!) - Richard Lomas, August 07.

The Phantoms, unremarkable people. A band that does not assert importance or significance!
- Wikipedia, April 07.

Standing room only for this stonking, rocking band. - The Grey Horse website, June 07 gig listing.

What an outstanding gig! Give up your day jobs! Lots of people blown away! And pulled muscles from dancin' hard! Predict a riot? You're not kidding. Love Fi and Andy. - The happy couple, 5.2.07.

Three cheers for the Phantoms, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray! - The crowd after the RSA gig, 2.2.07.

'Give it some f**kin welly' - Jesus, at the Grey Horse, 2.12.06.

Jon, that was shit! What you should be playing is Status Quo, not that other crap! - Mark Darlow, 16.9.06.

Tell them they were f**king brilliant! – Unknown phan to the doorman at the Grey Horse, 16.9.06.

 Who say’s white men have no rhythm! Donovan Taylor (who I need to point out is a black man with rhythm!) to the Phants drummer at the Grey Horse, 16.9.06.

It was good fun on Saturday. I was aching after too much dancing - not accustomed to all that exercise! Your best performance yet! – Sue Illsley, after the Grey Horse gig, 16.9.06.

Thanks for a great gig on Saturday night - looking forward to the 2nd December already! - Andy Davis, after the Grey Horse gig, 16.9.06.

Your drummer is awesome! & The blond guitarist holds the band together! - Assorted memorable comments from the Phans after the Brampton gig on 2.3.06.

I thought the mix was spot on, really liked the REM numbers, John Peel would have approved of the Undertones "kicks" rendition! Your lead singer is really good, he's got that ability to sound just like the original. - Paul (Nov's neighbour), 4.3.06.

Had a brilliant time on Friday evening at The Grey Horse - we loved The Phantoms and especially I PREDICT A RIOT!!!!! – Trudy (Nov’s sister), 27.2.06.

Friday night really was a great night. All the people that I brought along were really impressed and enjoyed it very much, here’s looking forward to the next gig. – Andy Davis, 27.2.06.

The Phantoms, you boys rock! - Tracey Ann Oberman (of Eastenders fame), Dec 05.

We had a great day and I was so chuffed that you could play - I didn't think it would ever happen and you all played a blinder! - Louisa Keyworth, November 05.

Since when have The Killers been using Feltham for rehearsals? I heard you boys doing ‘All these things I’ve done’ yesterday and have to say it sounded pretty damn fine. I would ask you though if you wouldn’t mind being a bit more crappy when the Woodcut Process support you in Kingston, thereby apparently lessening the gulf in ability and making us look slightly less nonce like. - Gav, singer & guitarist with top Feltham band 'The Woodcut Process'.

"The Phantoms, The Bollocks!" - Landlord of the Stoneleigh Inn, 5.2.05.

The best live band ever 'The Phantoms'. - Andy Davis.

The Phantoms. They're back with more rock'n'roll devastation! - The Fighting Cocks website, 27.11.04.

So good the first time we had to get them back! - The Fighting Cocks website, 16.07.04.

The feedback from friends and family that I have spoken to was really positive and everyone thought you were fantastic. Thanks once again for making my 40th so special. I had a really fun time! - Sarah Barrow, Civil Service Sports Council.

The Phantoms are my favourite band now and you are much better than Blue, Busted and McFly put together!
I really like it that you know the music from Shrek! - Sam Barrow (aged 6).

I just wanted to let you all know last night was FANTASTIC! You all played extremely well and the crowd loved you!! You really were brilliant!! - Hannah Powlson, ex-drummer with top Feltham band 'Ruffcut'.

A great night promised with loads of top tunes! - The Fighting Cocks website, 12.05.04.