Celebrity Stalkers

Who's been stalking your phavourite phantom recently?

Stalker #1 - Tracey Ann Oberman

Tracey Ann Oberman stalking the Phantoms!

Here's 'Chrissie', the Eastenders murderess sizing up Brian at
the General Roy Xmas Party 2005. 'Phantoms - you boys rock!' - Nice!

Stalker #2 - Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy stalking the Phantoms!

Badly Drawn Boy backstage at the V festival (Chelmsford 2004)
caught on camera begging Al to play the drums for him!

Stalker #3 - Simon Day

Simon Day stalking the Phantoms!

Believe it or not, this blurry image is a picture of comedian Simon Day
(of the Fast Show fame - he's the one on the right!) buying Al a beer
at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, Dec 05.

Stalkers #4 & #5 - Don Letts & Glenn Tilbrook

Autographs to the Phantoms!

August 06 - Whilst backstage at the Big Chill Festival the stars were fighting
over each other to sign an autograph for the Phantoms. Who were they - see below.

Don Letts - Phantoms stalker!

Don Letts (worked with The Clash,
BAD & PiL) now playing with the
Dub Cartel Sound System.

Glenn Tilbrook - Phantoms stalker!

Glenn Tilbrook (ex Squeeze)
now playing with the Fluffers
(whose bass player is nearly as
sexy as the Phantoms one!)

Stalker #6 - Rob Deering

Rob Deering stalking the Phantoms!

Here's Britain's funniest comedian, Rob Deering, attempting to buy his way
into the band (with an inflatable guitar!!) after hearing that we had recently
played a gig with one of our guitarists missing! Pictured in Soho, London, July 07.
(Apparently, he also owns the same t-shirt that Al is wearing! What good taste!)

Stalker #7 - Little Boots

Little Boots & new backing band!

Glastonbury Festival 2009. First up it's Little Boots, the latest UK electropop sensation!
Here she is pictured with her backing band (including a surprise guest appearance
from Al Phantom on drums)! This unique collaboration was screened live on BBC3
on Friday evening (26/06/09) & is currently still available on iPlayer here (about
1:14 into the broadcast). Eagle eyed Phans out there may also recognise
the keyboard player too!

Stalker # 8 - Andy Williams

The Doves stalking the Phantoms!

Next, drummer Andy Williams was spotted backstage at the John Peel stage
just prior to the Doves triumphant headline slot asking Al for tips on how
he gets over pre gig nerves at sell-out Phantom shows. Well, whatever
Al told him must have worked as they went down quite well!

Stalker # 9 - Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis stalking the Phantoms!

Finally, here's Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame telling Al how much he likes the
Phants rendition of 'Common People'. Jarvis is pulling a funny face as he
was worried he had crisps in his teeth. Personally, I think it's that Al may
smell a bit after not having had a shower for a considerable number of days!

Stalker(s) # 10 - Charly Coombes & Gaz Coombes

Supergrass stalking Al Phantom

With word out of this Summers hottest new festival, the stars are queuing up
to play! Here's Charley & Gaz from Supergrass begging Al Phantom to let them
join in the fun! PS. Check out Charly's new band. They are really good!

Stalker # 11 - Capt. Doug Bell

Canadian Celebrity Stalker!

The Phants have gone international! Now even Canadian celebrities are getting in on the act!
Here's Vancouver Islands famous TV Fireman, Capt. Doug Bell, thrilled to bump into Al Phantom
whilst on holiday in Canada recently. See Capt. Bell in action here (about 1 min. into the clip).
Go Nucks Go!


...hopefully more to follow soon!