Phantom T-Shirts.

The first limited edition Phantom T-shirts made & designed by Brian. Each band member had their own unique different coloured, numbered shirt. Highly sought after and now NO LONGER AVAILABLE! George Hicks is thought to be the only non-band member in possession of one!

Julie Jones (our No. 1 Fan at the time) arranged the first massed produced Phantom T-shirts. Julie had to abstain her No. 1 Fan status when her husband, Gary, started drumming for the Phantoms arch rivals, B-Shed! Available in black only, with long or short sleeves and a gold or silver band logo. SOLD OUT!

The next lot of shirts were designed by Al. Again available in black only, they featured front & back prints and came in long sleeve, short sleeve & skinny fit for the ladies! Click on the back of the t-shirt for an enlargement of the text showing all the Phantom gigs played up to that time. Unfortunately, these are also NO LONGER AVAILABLE as some scallywag nicked the last few at a gig at the Feltham Community Centre!
The hugely popular, Al designed 'Everything is brilliant in Pheltham' T-shirt. Having no imagination of his own, this idea was inspired (stolen!) from the Kaiser Chiefs 'Everything is brilliant in Leeds' t-shirts. Also available in black! SOLD OUT!
Limited Edition t-shirt (designed by Al) to commemorate the bands groundbreaking 30th gig at the Grey Horse in Kingston on 2.12.06. Each band and crew member had their own unique different coloured, initialled shirt.  NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!
The 'Unremarkable' t-shirt (jointly designed by Bri & Shrek) for the xmas 07 gig. The inspiration behind the back design was when the Phants new Wikipedia page was removed by a site administrator for the following clause: Unremarkable people, groups, companies and web content. An article about a real person, group of people, band, club, company, or web content that does not assert the importance or significance of its subject. The Phantoms, unremarkable & insignificant! Sounds like he'd seen us play! This t-shirt was available in any colour (apart from white!) Ladies skinny fit pictured (but was also available in fat bloke sizes!) NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
At last! Phantom Pants (Phants)! Initial limited edition of only 2 pairs NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
The Woodcut Process model the Feltstock t-shirt.
The mass produced Feltstock t-shirt designed by Al Phantom (available in a wide variety of styles & colours). Festival logo on the front, list of all 14 bands appearing on the back (including your very own Phantoms). All 100 t-shirts SOLD OUT at the Feltstock Festival.