Phantom Videos & DVDs.

Jubilee Gig, 14.6.02
Still available on video only.
The first Steve Weeks production.
A multi camera angled, special effects laden extravaganza of a film! Looks fantastic though the sound recording is a bit heavy on the vocals. A must for all hard core Phantom Phans!
Tracks include:
All the Small Things
Teenage Kicks
Feelin Good
20th Century Boy

The Battle of the Bands

Still available on video & DVD featuring the entire sets from Stiffler, Chilli D & your favourites, The Phantoms.
Duration approx. 90 mins.
Recorded by the Ofsted Broadcasting Corporation 02.
Phantom songs include:
Bohemian Like You
Steppin Stone
Feelin Good
Baby One More Time
Song 2
Wonderful World

Xmas Party, 6.12.02
Still available on video & DVD. The video features the entire sets from B-Shed and The Phantoms. The DVD just has the Phantoms headlining set.
Again recorded by Steve Weeks.
The Phantom songs include:
Can't Get You Out of My Head
Back in the DGIA
Teenage Kicks
The Power of Love
10 other crowd pleasers.